Fake Spiderwebs Can Entangle Wildlife

Fake Spiderwebs Can Entangle Wildlife title=
A Western screech owl entangled in fake spiderweb decorations (Photo credit: Dave Stapp)
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Source: Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network

Love wildlife? Say NO to fake spiderwebs this Halloween. 

As many residents begin their Halloween decorating, the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network implores citizens to refrain from using fake spiderwebs outdoors as Halloween decor. Wild animals, especially small, fast birds like hummingbirds, can get caught and entangled in the webbing. They can seriously injure themselves in the struggle to get free. 

Avoid using fake spiderwebs or other decorations that could snag wild animals. Be extra careful when decorating areas of the yard that are frequented by wild animals (usually trees and shrubs). And as always, keep track of your trash, especially colorful candy wrappers that could be mistaken for food by wild animals. 

If you encounter a wild animal in need, please call the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network Helpline: (805) 681-1080

Help animals in need get back to the wild: https://www.sbwcn.org/donate

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PitMix Oct 26, 2020 09:32 AM
Fake Spiderwebs Can Entangle Wildlife

To say nothing of the fact that this stuff is made out of acrylic or cotton batting and either ends up in landfills or polluting our environment. The acrylic stuff can be highly flammable. Wait until the teens figure that out. If you don't care about wildlife, maybe you want to save the environment and reduce your landfill tipping fees for the future of your kids?

Basicinfo805 Oct 23, 2020 03:56 PM
Fake Spiderwebs Can Entangle Wildlife

Wow, what a photo. Thanks to Dave and Wildlife Care Network for sending this out. Personally I'd never set that stuff up but we all see lots of it around town this time of year. Hopefully some of the Halloween decorator type people will get the picture.

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