Facts and Figures of Celebrating July 4th

Americans coast to coast are preparing to celebrate the nation’s 248th birthday in true patriotic style. From spectacular firework displays to backyard barbecues, the Fourth of July embodies the spirit of freedom and unity that has defined the United States since the Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 founding fathers in 1776.

A staggering 150 million hot dogs are expected to be consumed as families and friends gather to mark the country’s anniversary, showcasing the nation’s love for this classic American treat. Not stopping there, revelers are set to spend approximately $4 billion on beer and wine, raising their glasses to liberty and the enduring legacy of Uncle Sam.

Travel will also see a significant uptick this year, with nearly 71 million Americans planning to venture more than 50 miles from home, embracing the long weekend with trips to beaches, parks, and cities across the nation. This represents a 5% increase over 2023, setting a new record for holiday mobility.

In anticipation of the celebrations, spending on 4th of July festivities is expected to reach new heights. Americans are projected to shell out $9.4 billion on food alone, ensuring that Independence Day is celebrated with an abundance of culinary delights.

Additionally, the spectacle of fireworks will light up the sky with an estimated $2.7 billion being spent on these dazzling displays. Despite the joy fireworks bring, caution is advised as 73% of fireworks injuries occur around the Fourth of July.

The American flag continues to hold a place of honor, with $6.5 million worth of flags imported annually, highlighting the enduring importance of the stars and stripes.

To enhance your holiday experience and knowledge, WalletHub created an engaging infographic filled with fun facts about the Fourth of July.  celebration.

Whether it’s enjoying a hot dog, watching a fireworks show, or simply spending time with loved ones, the holiday is a time to celebrate freedom and reflect on the journey of our nation while honoring the bedrock of democracy.

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  1. “…what’s at risk from human activities, such as fireworks on July 4, a day when wildfire ignitions spike.”

    graph here: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/analysis-nearly-twice-as-many-wildfires-are-recorded-on-july-4-as-other-days-in-the-west

    Yeah, I’m old. I hate fireworks now. I worked at a dog pound for years; it’s really bad. Great air quality too — Not.
    I hope for the best for California tonight and all weekend.

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