Extortion Letter Scam Reaches Santa Barbara

Extortion Letter Scam Reaches Santa Barbara title=
Extortion Letter Scam Reaches Santa Barbara
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By edhat staff

Earlier this month, the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office alerted residents to an increase of an extortion scam. 

Scammers send a letter to the victim stating they have obtained personal information and will alert their spouse/employer/friends of the alleged damning information if they are not paid. The scammers demand thousands of dollars be paid anonymously in bitcoin by a specific deadline.

An edhat reader recently received this scam letter and sent it in the show the detail and great lengths these scammers go through. 

Below is a copy of the letter:

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Luvaduck Jul 13, 2018 11:31 AM
Extortion Letter Scam Reaches Santa Barbara

Over 50% of married men, 35% of married women, have affairs. (Old stats & no accreditation, numbers now unreliable .) Spouses live longer and work most waking hours apart, so maybe we shouldn't marry for life but for X years and renew the contract (or don't) like a passport. Kids are an issue, but happy couples would likely renew. Non-renewals would need to make arrangements with their housekeepers, sitters, daycare centers, nannies, boarding schools or use a public orphanage system run on a friends-with-privileges basis. (Non-renewed units pay-to-play until the kids reach majority.) Otherwise, no responsibilities. Each adult shows up when it's convenient and kids join them if they think it's fun. Deadbeat parents would be no more problem than now, but making birth-control easily available , cheap & fashionable and abortion readily available as a last resort would keep numbers down.

a-1563849589 Jul 12, 2018 01:08 PM
Extortion Letter Scam Reaches Santa Barbara

Who'd be dumb enough to pay up? If he really has all the info he claims to have why not just steal the victim's identity and empty out his savings account? What a con... a certain cheetoed individual would be impressed.

Ducky Jul 12, 2018 12:45 PM
Extortion Letter Scam Reaches Santa Barbara

Kinda funny that it will prey on those who actually have a guilty conscience. I’d just tell them to go ahead and let everybody know about that one time I ripped that mattress tag off.

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