Exceptional Service at Brophy Bros.

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I'm a caregiver for a friend of mine who is 98 years old, born in 1919! Wow the things she has seen. Alas, I digress, this is about the amazing service and humanity that was shown to us on Thursday of this week.

To backtrack a bit, Pearl my friend has not been out in public for at least three years. She goes out to her garden, I built the veggie beds 3 feet off ground so she doesn't have to bend over, her doctor makes house calls, but other than that, no outings. A perk of being 98 I assume. So with her out of state family guests and still needing go to the store before we could eat, Pearl suggests that maybe we should all just go down to the beach for a nice lunch together. Well I ran with it, and before 15 mins had passed we were off to Brophy Bros.

When we got there the downstairs was closed and she was not about to go up the stairs. With a little bit of pleading and a couple of staff members,  we were directed to manager Paul Garcia. An angel no doubt. Pearl's granddaughter explained our dilemma and without blinking an eye said he would open the downstairs just for us. He waited on us personally and was quite charming in demeanour.

Pearl ate everything in sight and seemed to have an endless appetite when it came to the chowder. We had a wonderful time and when presented with our bill, Paul gave her a bowl of chowder to take home. She giggled like a schoolgirl .

KUDOS TO YOU PAUL GARCIA AND BROPHY BROS for service above and beyond!

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a-1503277031 Aug 20, 2017 05:57 PM
Exceptional Service at Brophy Bros.

Hooray for kind and big-hearted people. We love to eat at Brophy's sometimes (umm, that bread), but only outside. WAY too noisy inside.

Lucky 777 Aug 21, 2017 09:43 AM
Exceptional Service at Brophy Bros.

A splendid testimonial for the restaurant I describe to my out-of-town clients as a top locally owned place they must experience. The parking at the harbor is often a challenge, but Brophy's is worth it. And don't miss the blue heron decoy on the roof that friends and I installed 2 decades ago to thrill tourists with an avian sighting.

mtndriver Aug 21, 2017 10:05 AM
Exceptional Service at Brophy Bros.

Tend not to go often because of the sound level, but this makes me want to get right down there tonight!

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