Eucalyptus Tree Falls in Carpinteria Playground

Eucalyptus Tree Falls in Carpinteria Playground title=
Tree down at Tomol Interpretive Play Area (Photo: Blazer)
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By Blazer

High winds and persistent rain overnight felled one of the giant eucalyptus trees near the Tomol Interpretive Play Area at 390 Linden Avenue.

Carpinteria City crews are busy with the chipper and chainsaws on a job that could last days. Fortunately no injuries or property damage reported.

Conversation continues on the beauty versus danger debate surrounding the many Eucalytus groves throughout the city.

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ginger1 Mar 22, 2023 12:19 PM
Eucalyptus Tree Falls in Carpinteria Playground

Let's have that conversation. Natives plants and animals (including us) evolved based on historical climate conditions. Climate Crisis has brought us new conditions. The falling eucalyptus trees are an example. They are adapted to semi-arid soils and have a shallow root system to harvest rainwater that doesn’t soak in very deep. This is the exact opposite of our oak trees (for example.)In the last month of "storms", at least 5 large eucalyptus trees fell. The one reported above, earlier that day at 101/Carrillo, last week Calle Real in Goleta, another at the Baccara, the week prior 101 at Las Positas closed the freeway while over on Constance Ave one fell onto a house, knocked down power lines. The week prior one fell onto two cars and knocked down power lines.

That's just what one can find searching our local media. There are likely others. Then comes "fire season" when they burn like torches, seed pods exploding far from the tree. Their leaf and bark litter is toxic to most anything that tries to live in it. They are an invasive, non-native species. Someone will try to extol their virtues and bring up the Ellwood butterfly grove. That's fine. Leave them be, before they fall down. Oh....wait....there already are a bunch on the ground.

Here's a Really Simple Guide to Climate Change, posted on the BBC Science website:

SBZZ Mar 22, 2023 11:38 AM
Eucalyptus Tree Falls in Carpinteria Playground

The Unitarian Church downtown lost a big old oak tree - based on the direction of the fall, I assume it happened yesterday AM during the strong southeaster.

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