Encampment Fire Response in Goleta Early Wednesday

Map location of an encampment fire in Goleta on June 5, 2024 (PulsePoint)

Update by the edhat staff

Santa Barbara County firefighters respond to a reported brush fire in Goleta early Wednesday.

At 1:33 a.m., crews discovered a fire near a homeless encampment in the 7300 block of Calle Real near Highway 101.

Crews quickly contained the 20 by 40 foot fire from spreading.

There were no reported injuries and the cause is under investigation.

Homeless Camp Fires in Goleta

Reported by JB86
4:09 a.m., June 5, 2024

A second fire reported in the 7300 block of Calle Real, along the railroad tracks, near Winchester.

The first was in the area of Ellwood and the freeway, at a homeless encampment. County Fire responding, trying to locate. Possibly 1/2 mile north of Glen Annie.

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  1. If the county released 1% of the money that they recieved to help the homeless issue to each person that is homeless there would be zero encampments in this area of Goleta I’m 100% positive and confident on this statement .

    • I agree. But I don’t believe the count would be zero. There are far too many individuals out there who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol who would blow it all. These people would have to be forced into treatment with the funding they would receive.

      • Yes, I agree forced treatment facilities are the way to go. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Not rocket science. Unfortunately, besides being costly the status quo political climate of our area would never let it happen, voters and politicians, that is. But hey, if the voters move right, I guarantee the politicians will follow. Will local voters decide enough is enough?

        • BASIC – extended (beyond 72 hours) “forced treatment facilities” aren’t up to the “local voters,” they’re prohibited by the United States Constitution. Ever hear of it?

          Jeezus bro…… are you even old enough to drive?

          • BASIC – you said “forced TREATMENT facilities,” not jail, you liar. Also, LCP, to whom you were responding, was talking about forced treatment for addicts and alcoholics, not jail. So again, stop making things up when called out. The lying, changing arguments and backpedaling is embarrassing for you.

            Bro, you’re getting hammered here. Give it up.

    • WATCHER237 – I think these get cleared out periodically, but then inhabited again just as quickly. With no where else to go, I don’t know how we can keep these encampments clear. Shows how difficult the whole homelessness issue is!

      • Agreed. I’d suggest looking back to the Great Depression when “Hoovervilles” sprouted up everywhere, and people lived there until they could get back on their feet. Probably not a popular idea in our spoiled world, but cities could designate areas (commandeer, really) where people could setup camp. Cities provide security, port-a-potty, and showering facilities. These would be the ONLY areas homeless camps allowed. Protected and known, you’d know where and how many your population was. Provides services to connect them to available services and resources, and voila! A world in motion…

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