Emergency Fosters Needed for Cattle Dog Puppies

Emergency Fosters Needed for Cattle Dog Puppies title=
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Source: Santa Barbara Humane

Santa Barbara Humane is searching for emergency fosters for five cattle dog puppies and their mother.

“Unfortunately, before they arrived at Santa Barbara Humane, the puppies had been exposed to Parvo, a potentially deadly virus,” said Dori Villalon, Chief Operating Officer. “The best way we can support these puppies and their mother is to get them out of the shelter environment within 24-48 hours and into homes.”

The three-month-old puppies, named Muffins, Cookie, Sprinkles, Nugget, and Frosty, were transferred to Santa Barbara Humane from a local partner shelter along with their two-year-old mother, Cupcake. There are three females and two males in the litter.

Veterinary care will be provided for these dogs, including their spay/neuter surgeries, initial vaccines, and microchipping.

“Donor funds make it possible for animals to receive vital medical care, whether they are awaiting adoption or are owned by members of the community,” Villalon said.

The ideal scenario for their recovery is “Foster-to-Adopt,” meaning placement with fosters who are ready for the puppies to become members of their families. Because the puppies were exposed to Parvo, they should be the only dogs under one year of age in their homes. Interested fosters and adopters can contact the shelter by calling 805-964-4777 x220 or emailing foster@sbhumane.org. 


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ParvoPup Jul 23, 2022 03:57 PM
Emergency Fosters Needed for Cattle Dog Puppies

Other than the foreleg mottling, I'm not seeing a whole heck of a lot of Cattle Dog here. Feet are too big, ears not even close to a Heeler, snout is too short, not seeing the deep v-shaped chest. Maybe mixed with Lab or even Pit?

a-1658617459 Jul 23, 2022 04:04 PM
Emergency Fosters Needed for Cattle Dog Puppies

The photo of the pup on the pink leash appears to be the mother of the puppies. Looks like some kind of mix, agree not a whole lot of cattle dog. Although 2 of the pups have cattle dog markings.

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