Ellwood Mesa Project Update

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Source: City of Goleta

As you may know, the Goleta City Council held two meetings last week to discuss the future of the dead and dying trees on the Ellwood Mesa.  After hours of public testimony and deliberation, the Council supported an option to remove a minimal number of trees around three key trails to provide beach access from several locations on the Mesa.  The tree removal locations and trails map can be found here. These trails are referred to as Trail 6, Trail 18 and Trail 25 in the General Plan.  All other trails remain closed.

Council supported tree removal in the near-term along these three trails to provide public access as quickly as possible once the immediate threat has been removed.  The current trail closure map can be found here.  As soon as these trails are reopened, a new map will be posted and distributed.

The Ellwood Main Monarch Aggregation Site (aka Goleta Butterfly Grove) and other aggregation areas on the Ellwood Mesa will remain closed indefinitely.

Staff will return to Council with a progress update on the tree removal and emergency permit  in October.  Staff has already met with the Coastal Commission on the permit and will continue to coordinate with Coastal Commission staff as the project moves forward.

The City is continuing work on the Monarch Butterfly Habitat Management Plan and will provide regular updates on the status and opportunities for the public to provide input on this important project. 

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a-1505408147 Sep 14, 2017 09:55 AM
Ellwood Mesa Project Update

Because of the large number of dead and dying trees, there's a risk of a tree falling on you. You can see other trees that have fallen. Thankfully, they've not fallen on a person, yet. Enter at your own risk.

420722 Sep 13, 2017 10:31 PM
Ellwood Mesa Project Update

I agree that we shouldn't remove trees just because they impact human access. Also, I'm I reading correct that the butterfly viewing area is closed indefinitely!? Will I be arrested if I go in? I'm not rebellious I've just been going there every yeae since I was born and the trees did not die because of me or anyone else so why shouldn't we be able to go in?

a-1505349632 Sep 13, 2017 05:40 PM
Ellwood Mesa Project Update

Removing all the dead trees would be a detriment to the magic of the Ellwood Forest. Sure, remove any dying or dead trees that pose an immediate and significant danger to people, but don't go removing trees just because they impact human access.

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