Ellwood Annual Emergency Siren Test on Tuesday

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By edhat staff

An annual emergency siren test of the Ellwood Onshore Facility will take place on Tuesday, November 12, at 9:30 a.m. for one to two minutes.

The test will be done by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department (SBCFD) in coordination with Beacon West Energy Group, LLC on behalf of CA State Lands Commission as an annual full siren test of the Emergency Warning and Notification System.

The test is expected to last no longer than a minute and will verify that the siren is functioning properly and is audible to citizens within a designated distance from the facility. 

The SBCFD emphasizes this is only a test and no action is required. Should an actual emergency occur, the siren would sound continuously until the emergency has ended.

Though the siren is designed to cover a required distance just across Highway 101, certain weather conditions can cause the sound to carry a much greater distance. Beacon West and SBCFD will be notifying area residents with mailers as well as contacting the school district, Ellwood School, homeowners' associations and neighboring businesses.

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a-1573496638 Nov 11, 2019 10:23 AM
Ellwood Annual Emergency Siren Test on Tuesday

This reminded me about the weekly Monday at high noon sirens tests all over the west coast "back in the day." Does anybody remember those?

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