Electric Vehicle Fast Chargers Now Available on Central CA Highways

Electric Vehicle Fast Chargers Now Available on Central CA Highways title=
Electric vehicle (EV) plugged into one of four new EV fast chargers at the Tejon Pass Rest Area.
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Source: Caltrans

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers now have more fast-charging options along state highways in Central California — including at the popular Tejon Pass Rest Area near the Los Angeles/Kern County line — with the installation of 22 new EV fast chargers at nine locations by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

“Fast chargers are essential to continue growing EV adoption in California and meeting our state’s goals for combating climate change,” said Caltrans Director Toks Omishakin. “Expanding the availability of convenient fast-charging stations along state highways is significant for the future of California transportation.”

The Level 3 DC fast chargers provide an approximate 80 percent charge in 30 minutes to EVs with fast-charging capability. The chargers have universal connectors and are able to serve all EVs on the market, including Teslas with an adapter. Charging is free with no time limit.

“With four new EV fast chargers at the Tejon Pass Rest Area on Interstate 5, and 18 others staggered approximately 40 miles apart, Caltrans has reduced recharging concerns for plug-in EV drivers on long-distance trips through the Central Valley,” said District 7 Director Tony Tavares, whose district includes Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

According to the California Air Resources Board, 70 percent of California transportation sector greenhouse gas emissions come from light-duty vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs and light-duty trucks.

“This project is a tremendous example of how public agencies can collaborate with the private sector to fill gaps in the zero emission vehicle (ZEV) market,” said Tyson Eckerle, Deputy Director of ZEV Market Development at the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). “More chargers throughout the state will help to incentivize the purchase of EVs, getting us closer to Governor Newsom’s goal of 100 percent ZEV sales by 2035.”

The Tejon Pass Rest Area is about 60 miles north of Los Angeles and 40 miles south of Bakersfield and is a popular stopping point for drivers traveling along I-5. The four new fast chargers are located on the southbound side of the interstate. Motorists traveling north on I-5 can exit at the Lebec off-ramp to Lebec Road, which loops over the highway, to access the fast chargers, including one that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  

Other New Locations:

  • Junction Route 58/Route 184 in Bakersfield
  • Caltrans Maintenance Station on Route 41 and next to I-5 in Kettleman City
  • Caltrans Maintenance Station, 805 S. Lexington St., next to Route 99 in Delano
  • C.H. Warlow Rest Area NB/SB Route 99 in Kingsburg
  • Philip S. Raine Rest Area at SB Route 99 near Tulare
  • Philip S. Raine Rest Area at NB Route 99 near Tulare
  • Caltrans District 6 Office, 1283 N. West Ave., next to Route 99 in Fresno
  • Caltrans Maintenance Station, 125 W. Almond Ave., next to Route 99 in Madera

The $4.5 million project is funded by Caltrans and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District in Fresno. The prime contractor is Cal Valley Construction of Fresno. BTCPower (Broadband TelCom Power, Inc.) of Santa Ana provided and installed the DC EV Fast Chargers with assistance from electrical subcontractor CSI (Civil Substations, Inc.) of Clovis. Pacific Gas and Electric and Southern California Edison are the electrical service providers.

In addition to the new chargers in the Central Valley, Caltrans has six Level 3 DC fast chargers in San Diego County, two in Monterey County and one in San Luis Obispo County, and two Level 2 charging stations in Napa County and three in Contra Costa County – all available to the public.

The U.S. Department of Energy has a searchable database on public alternative fuel stations in California and nationwide.

Motorists can find real-time traffic information and rest area locations at Caltrans’ Quickmap by clicking on the Options menu.   

Caltrans reminds drivers to “Be Work Zone Alert” and to “Slow for the Cone Zone.”

Map of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations near Madera, Fresno, Tulare, Kettleman City, Delano and Tejon Pass (between Bakersfield and Los Angeles) in California's Central Valley.

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RHS Feb 06, 2021 06:49 PM
Electric Vehicle Fast Chargers Now Available on Central CA Highways

This is a start, infra structure needs to be built so that people will have confidence in their future choice of fuel. Yes, in the begging the stations may go unused but over time this will feed on itself. And the technology will improve. Consider that 100 years ago gasoline powered vehicles left urban areas with large containers of fuel on board so they could venture to the next urban fuel station.

gizmo1 Feb 07, 2021 08:22 AM
Electric Vehicle Fast Chargers Now Available on Central CA Highways

How am I a fan of alcohol based fuels I think you're on the wrong story - there's over 260,000 electric vehicles in California and only just put in 22 new quick charge stations -did they have big oil money pay for this in lieu of a multi million dollar fine? Do they really need a database for 22 quick charge stations things are a little askew here - once we get a new governor hopefully a nice intelligent one (not so corrupt/self serving) maybe solar might go on fast track like it should have gone 30 years ago or longer

Sail380 Feb 08, 2021 02:46 PM
Electric Vehicle Fast Chargers Now Available on Central CA Highways

True coal power plants will be phased out. After that, where is the electricity going to be produced? No fee for charging? Electric and hybrids already don't contribute much to the system through gas taxes. As a side note. I have a plug in hybrid and solar panels on my home. Plus a big diesel truck for when I go hunting :)

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