Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week title=
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week
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By edhat staff

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department (PHD) announced educators and food service workers will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine next week.

During a press conference on Friday evening, PHD Director Dr. Van Do-Reynoso confirmed the next tier of childcare providers, educators, emergency service workers, agricultural workers, and food/grocery employees will be eligible to receive the vaccine along with healthcare workers and anyone over the age of 65 years.

As of Tuesday, the county has administered 87% of the doses received. The percentage is lower than normal due to last week's storm delay, but PHD fully anticipates being caught up by next week.

PHD stated it will follow the state's guidance of a 70/30 vaccine administration approach. Approximately 70% of all vaccines received will be allocated to people aged 65 and older while 30% will be allocated for all other eligible sectors. 

For educators, local Superintendents discussed prioritization with PHD on who will get vaccinated first and determined they would start with special education teachers who work with medically fragile students. At least 1,000 vaccines are earmarked for this group next week. 

COVID-19 Numbers Plateau 

PHD officials stated they are somewhat worried about the recent plateau in COVID-19 case rates and testing positivity

Health Officer Dr. Henning Ansorg stated the case rates are dropping, just not as drastically as before and he would have liked to see them go down faster. He said the plateau of metrics appears to be a global phenomenon with cases being stalled after a decline, and at this level, even a small number of active cases is enough to keep the virus spreading.

Dr. Do-Reynoso attributed the plateau to pandemic fatigue, people getting tired of all the personal sacrifices made in the past year. She encouraged the community to stay vigilant until everyone is vaccinated. 

Approximately 80% of all infections are caused by 10% of people who are socializing and not following proper guidelines, said Dr. Ansorg. He said this is happening on a global scale and keeps the pandemic going. 

Friday's Numbers

The PHD reports 2 deaths and 104 new cases on Friday. Two individuals were 70+ years of age. Both individuals had underlying health conditions. No deaths were associated with an outbreak at a congregate care site. The individuals resided in the city of Santa Barbara and the area including the City of Lompoc and the communities of Mission Hills and Vandenberg Village.

There have now been 409 deaths within the county since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

Santa Barbara County currently has 382 active cases. Of those, 76 are hospitalized with 18 in the intensive care unit. 

More data can be found at

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dukemunson Feb 27, 2021 01:46 PM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

Own selfish reasons???? Virtually everyone else is at work! The cdc and The WHO have studies showing no uptick in infections with school in place... so it’s not a safety issue! Both have pointed out the long term disastrous effects of school being out. I’ve worked straight since March... as have many others!! Why are teachers the only holdout when the HEALTH OFFICIALS are saying we have to be in school for health and safety reasons! Who’s being selfish again their cplocal? The people working and keeping society afloat or the direct deposit school admins and teacher union reps who are ignoring science... our kids health and welfare be damned ???!!!

dukemunson Feb 27, 2021 01:48 PM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

Your comment shows no capacity for thought or understanding of the world. You advocate for something that’s worse for literally everyone... except the teachers! And again, notable time to remind people that teachers kids and school admin kids are in school and have been in school since august. Tho ey are perfectly fine sending their kids to school... but not themselves.

dukemunson Feb 27, 2021 01:51 PM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

Cplocal - They are estimating millions of years of life lost due to schools being closed in 2020 (5.53 million in fact)... I guess that’s ok with you... who’s tired and selfish again?????? Because it’s not the People working every day... it’s the teachers union who is punting on our youth!

sacjon Feb 27, 2021 05:15 PM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

CPLOCAL - that whole "all they want is babysitters" argument is pathetic, especially coming from those considered to be "educated." People want what's best for their kids and remote learning is NOT it. I'm happy at home with my kids, but I'm not a teacher and their remote "learning" is subpar and minimal, even almost a year into this. We all want our kids properly educated. We don't need you to babysit, we need you to educate our kids, because that is YOUR chosen profession. I absolutely love having my kids home with me as I work from home. It's easy, it's fun, but it's NOT WHAT IS BEST for them. I fully agree you should have vaccine priority, EVERYONE who has to work in public now should have that. I do wonder though, why teachers didn't push for vaccines earlier, say when they came out? Why wait till the last minute to demand them?

Quit with the lazy logic and simplistic attitude. We want our kids in school FOR THEIR SAKE, not ours.

Basicinfo805 Feb 27, 2021 05:17 PM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

CP local - is that Chapala Porch Local by any chance? You're in no man's land with your ridiculous statement. Everyone has a job, everyone has up and downs and sacrifices to make. I'd go on and on but your implicit comment that teachers will die if they resume their jobs is absurd. ABSURD.

420722 Feb 27, 2021 07:25 PM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

Uh oh, here it is, that rare moment where I’m compelled to tell SAC that I agree with him 1000%! I truly don’t want my kids to leave me I absolutely love having them home but I also know I can’t provide them the education that a certified teacher can. I don’t want a babysitter I’ve never had babysitters I watch my own kids and LOVE every minute of it (ok sometimes going out to dinner without them is kind of nice) but I’m not looking for a daycare I’m looking for an educator and zoom sucks.

MountainMan4865 Feb 27, 2021 10:44 PM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

Duke - I totally understand your points and frustration, but I believe it is misdirected. It wasn't the teachers that closed the schools or have the authority to open them up. I'm sure the union smelled blood in the water, but that's another issue. The County and the State closed the public schools, and threw the teachers up as the sacrificial lamb for angry parents. Teachers, from day one, were either shown news stories of teachers dying, or being told that they would be responsible for the spread that would kill one of their student's grandparents. Private and charter schools opened up. Teachers are there and have been there. The public system schools are subject to the local and state governments. I know many educators in the school system that are just waiting to be allowed back into their classrooms - with their kids (yes, there is a relationship there), but are being told "NO".

dukemunson Feb 28, 2021 07:36 AM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

Mountain man- you are correct, it is completely on the school board and teachers union. Santa Barbara county was the perfect candidate for the waiver system in the Summer/early Fall. That they didn’t apply for the waiver was insane... and that was obvious to all at that time!!! Why allow ag worker numbers in Santa Maria and prison numbers in Lompoc justify keeping Goleta schools closed??? It was so insanely short sighted! So yes when I direct my anger at “teachers” it’s the school board and teachers union... who literally did nothing to open up (or in the case of the teachers union...did everything to not open up!). Did some teachers annoy me with their comments of not opening till you can 100% guarantee everyone’s safety... yes! But that’s not the majority of teachers... just a few insanely narcissistic ones. So my apologies if I made it sound like I was going after teachers... I’ve loved all my kids teachers! But the argument the school board kept making in every school board meeting, and what the teachers unions around the country kept saying, and a few posters on here that are school admins were saying, has caused irreparable and incalculable harm. The used science as the argument to close in March... which yes, we needed to!! But then when the science pointed to opening... and then showed the desperate need to open...they abandoned science and logic! That’s not the teachers...but it is our elected officials (and the union).

citizenSB Feb 28, 2021 08:02 AM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

@JB86 -- I think you were using the wrong sign up for cottage - it is actually very easy no login/password needed. I signed up when it opened for 65+ on Feb 14, vaccinated on Feb 26. Try it.

LDK57 Mar 01, 2021 06:52 AM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

So why on earth are they jeopardizing the teachers health, by sending them back to teach in classrooms full of children today, before they have had vaccinations? Why could the school district not wait until their educators were safely vaccinated? Unbelievably irresponsible!!

dukemunson Mar 01, 2021 07:37 AM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

LDK - because they aren’t jeopardizing their health anymore than anyone else’s!!!! The teachers union has already held everyone hostage for 6 months beyond what any/all logic stated... at some point you stop negotiating with terrorists... and that’s pretty much what the teachers union is akin to! I haven’t missed a day of in person work in a year... not have any most of the non IT people I know.

sacjon Mar 01, 2021 09:19 AM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

LDK57 - why weren't the teachers demanding to be vaccinated months ago? Why did they wait till the last minute to decide they needed to be vaccinated before going back to the classrooms? We knew back in January we'd likely be able to go back to the classrooms by Spring. Why wait till now to make these demands?

SBlifer805 Mar 02, 2021 02:08 PM
Educators and Food Workers Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines Next Week

Why can’t our county roll out vaccines like Ventura county? Ventura county has at least 7 public mass vaccination sites available right now and they are continually opening more each week. I’ve heard that their sites are primarily staffed by traveling nurses and paid employees rather than volunteers. They are operated by the county. Each Monday at 7am online or 8am on the phone they release appointments for the week on which you link to through the county’s website to make an appointment. No need to go through an employer. They’ve come through for their residents and workers and bravo to them. Their essential workers will be vaccinated far sooner than ours will be, and then they can scale up their operation to inoculate the general public quickly. Some places are governed competently and some aren’t. We should take a page from Ventura county’s playbook, quickly! People are dying while the county continues to twiddle its thumbs.


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