Edhat Reader Thanks a Good Samaritan

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By Sharon K.

May I say thank you.... A Reason to Smile 

It's with heartfelt thanks that this is written. I lost my phone and assumed,  like the others, it was gone for good.  But an angel,  G,  who works for Special Olympics took the time and energy to track me down and return it.  And she had done this, along with going to the police dept, by answering a call that came through for me - and asking my caller friend how she could get in touch with me.

This indeed was a happy ending to what would have been an expensive and complicated project.

In the future, if a phone is found, I'll answer that call  - and like G,  be able to return it to its owner.

I am so grateful...  

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Luvaduck Apr 28, 2022 08:09 AM
Edhat Reader Thanks a Good Samaritan

There are a lot of good people in the world. Most just go on their way doing what they always have, returning found things to owners, slowing to let someone change lanes or get into traffic, offering to pick up something for someone since they're going the grocery, holding doors for those behind them and so forth, sharing, caring. Their reward is in the doing the small things right time after time.

Lucky 777 Apr 28, 2022 10:54 AM
Edhat Reader Thanks a Good Samaritan

When my puppy stole my new iPhone off the charger I thought "No problem! I'll use "Find my iPhone" "..... except that gets you within 30 yards of it, and my house is only 30'x30'. Thanks, but I figured it was inside my house somewhere. Worse yet it wasn't charged so I couldn't call it. Apple brought me a replacement in 2 hours, and then when we found it under the couch I was able to return the replacement for no charge. And with Apple products you just place the new unit next to your computer and all the data transfers into it, so you don't lose contacts or stored photos. Not an ad for Apple, just so people know it doesn't have to be "...an expensive and complicated project."

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