East Beach Grill's Final Weekend

East Beach Grill's Final Weekend title=
East Beach Grill's Final Weekend
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By Robert Bernstein

The East Beach Grill has been my go-to place for lunch at the beach for many years. They offer good food and good service in a beautiful setting right on the beach. All at a reasonable price with no upscale pretenses. Unfortunately, this was the last weekend for the East Beach Grill at least as we know it.

Here are my photos this final weekend.

Maria has become a friend there. She is working hard to put herself through nursing school and to help out her family.

We even went hiking together at Rocky Pine Ridge a few years ago

Here are more photos of her and some of the other wonderful servers

And here are views of the outside

There is still a chance the East Beach Grill will rise again in a couple of years, after the building undergoes major renovations. But it will not be soon enough to serve the needs of the servers like Maria and the loyal customers.

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a-1514771584 Dec 31, 2017 05:53 PM
East Beach Grill's Final Weekend



Artemisia Dec 31, 2017 12:35 PM
East Beach Grill's Final Weekend

Bob, you should have taken the photos around 9 AM this morning-- every table packed and a long line way out onto the sidewalk. This shows how much our locals love East Beach Grill and are so disappointed it won't be back after the building is remodeled. Too late to convince the City to reconsider their wrong-headed decision --?

sbrobert Dec 31, 2017 01:01 PM
East Beach Grill's Final Weekend

Not sure who is Bob. No, it is not too late. Please do contact the Mayor and City Council members.

Gregg Hart told me the building needs extensive renovations due to real aging problems with the building. But I have no information on how extensive they need to be.

The main point: We don't need another upscale destination. We just want our funky beach restaurant to stay.

It is a bath house in the sense that it is a place to change for the beach. As for what is upstairs, that is the Cabrillo Arts Pavilion.

Best wishes,

betsy920 Jan 01, 2018 07:43 AM
East Beach Grill's Final Weekend

A great go to place for people who live by the beach or people who come to use the beach.
It is so sad that the city does not see the need to have a place like the East Beach Grill anymore but
in fact is looking for big rent instead of local flavor and good food with a wonderful owner and great staff of people.........sad comment on our city government.

ESL_teacher Jan 01, 2018 10:14 AM
East Beach Grill's Final Weekend

Thanks, Robert, for drawing attention to the demise of this iconic cafe that we all love and will miss.

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