Early Music and Carpinteria Salt Marsh Surprises

Early Music and Carpinteria Salt Marsh Surprises title=
Early Music and Carpinteria Salt Marsh Surprises
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By Robert Bernstein

Our Santa Barbara Early Music Ensemble had been practicing music all during COVID. Music taken from the time of the Plague of the 1300s. Our music director Katie Saxon has a delightful sense of humor, making the best of the pandemic and connecting to pandemics past!

A mix ranging from the very sad and tragic to the joyful, as people tried to forget their woes. We finally got to perform at five public events, including for over 300 school students and ending at the Carpinteria Community Church.

Here we posed before our first performance:

After our Carpinteria performance, my wife and I strolled around the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Nature Park. I had been there before, but we had some surprises this time. Here are my photos.

Here was a panoramic view as we entered the area:

We followed the path around.

We came to some colorful vegetation.

At the mountain end of the park we came to a residential area that included some pleasant decorations.

We paused at the far end of the park from where we entered.

This is where things started to get interesting. This crab was "foaming at the mouth" apparently to keeps its gills moist as it sat out of the water glaring at us.

Here you can see him "fiddling"

No surprise to find a duck in the water.

But then the water began roiling and we wondered what was going on. Leopard sharks!

How cool is that? Here is a video that shows them in action:

We continued all the way to the end of the path and crossed onto this bridge where we stopped for the view.

Now things got interesting again. Did we really see a fish fly out of the water?!

Yes! Over and over we saw fish flying up into the air and flopping back into the water. It was totally random, making it very difficult to get a good shot. But here I did the best I could to catch a few of these events on video.

We asked a few people passing by if this is common. Everyone said it happens every day all year round. Maybe we are the only ones who didn't know about this? I did some searching online and it seems the fish are mullets. And they live all over the US and do this jumping behavior. And no one knows for sure why they do it. As we headed out we enjoyed the use of the restrooms and the art on them!

I will come full circle and end with the full video of our Early Music Ensemble Plague performance! We hope to start a new round of Early Music and we welcome new singers and instrumentalists!

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ChillinGrillin Apr 18, 2022 02:01 PM
Early Music and Carpinteria Salt Marsh Surprises

In 2020 I thought we would reach the "ring around the rosie" levels of mass hysteria last seen during the Plague. But apparently that behavior mostly moved to social media and political rallies.

sacjon Apr 19, 2022 08:48 AM
Early Music and Carpinteria Salt Marsh Surprises

Robert - thank you for always providing such interesting and photo-laden articles of your local adventures! It's always a reminder that I need to get out and about more! Tom Modugno did an amazing article on the history of the Goleta Slough, I wonder if he did one on the Carpinteria marsh?

bicyclist Apr 19, 2022 09:04 AM
Early Music and Carpinteria Salt Marsh Surprises

Sacjon - Tom may not have BUT, Huell Howser did!!! As usual totally cringe worthy:
Carpinteria State Beach #141 - was on KCET on 4-15-2022 @7:00PM Really enjoy the part where he sticks his finger in the "Liquid cement" (tar?).
Oh AND Thanks Robert!!! It'd be great if all restrooms looked as nice as that one... The women's side gets the Big wheelchair option, whereas the men's is micro!

Babycakes Apr 19, 2022 09:19 AM
Early Music and Carpinteria Salt Marsh Surprises

Robert: Thank you for the article and pics. Did not know that sharks made their way into the marsh, but incredible to have you verify with video. Do you know if it's still possible/legal/allowed to walk or cycle to the areas you visited from the Santa Claus Lane side? Gooble maps (satellite view) shows what appears to be a path, along the RR tracks, but hard to tell for sure.

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