Early Día de Los Muertos at the BIltmore!

Early Día de Los Muertos at the BIltmore! title=
Early Día de Los Muertos at the BIltmore!
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By Robert Bernstein

Halloween and Día de Los Muertos are not yet here, but the celebrations have already begun in a big way!

Here are my photos of a fun Día de Los Muertos party at the Biltmore on Friday evening!

DJ Darla Bea was spinning the tunes

My friend Christa was with her new friend Chris. Christa had one of the coolest costumes at the event! Unfortunately, her lovely angel wings were a bit of a challenge at the crowded party so they had to stay in the lobby!

We met up with our friends Pali and Raven inside and we totally did not recognize them in their ghoulish makeup!

Darla Bea got everyone's attention so I could take a group photo of the lively dance scene!

There was a contest with some nice prizes, including a free meal at the Biltmore. My Fair Lady and Mary Poppins were two of the winners:

This guy wasn't dead just yet, but maybe soon!

Elda at left was one showing off in a sexy cat outfit with her friends!

The green monster was another costume prize winner

These folks were wearing more traditional Día de Los Muertos costumes and makeup!

Meanwhile, the World Series game played in the background. That was the amazing game that ran for a record 18 innings!

We don't have cable TV, so that was our only view of the Series!

That was just the first of a series of pre-Halloween events that we attended! Please stand by for more photos and videos!

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EastBeach Oct 30, 2018 11:25 AM
Early Día de Los Muertos at the BIltmore!

Hah, that's Ernesto de la Cruz "the greatest musician of all time!". Miguel is right on with the red hoodie too. Cool "Coco" ensemble.

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