Drumbeat of Humanity Dance Show and Deeper Meaning

Photo by Robert Bernstein

Yulia Maluta is a versatile dance star in our community. She is also a choreographer and event creator. I have reported on her “Colors of Love” event in the past. She recently created a new event called “Drumbeat of Humanity” that was also a prelude to releasing a documentary film by the same name.

The show was at the Center Stage Theater, which I love. It is very intimate and all the seats give a good view.

Here are my photos and here are my videos!

The event started with a guided meditation with Ragan Thomson.

Yuliana was front and center in the first performance, with Brazil Arts Center and Latin Dance with Yulia.

Here is my video:

Next up was Tina Love Flamenco.

Then Suns Performing Arts Chinese Dance.

The Cornelius Brothers performed brilliant Middle Eastern drumming to a complex beat that made you want to move. The perfect accompaniment to belly dancer Antoinette, who set complex and subtle movements to that complex beat.

Yulia then danced Tango with Ron Parker.

Terrill Williams sang “Rhythm of Humanity” in line with the theme of the event.

Hula Anyone is for anyone to participate and I have covered their many performances in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Carpinteria.

The live performances ended with two dance creations of Flamenco! Santa Barbara.

Next up was the premiere of the “Drumbeat of Humanity” film. The theme was a new path to making the world a better place. Not through activism or social change. But through uplifting the world. Yulia explained her view to me that we can tap into the power of vibrations. Ideally vibrations of Oneness. Music and dance are a part of this, but her transformational view goes beyond music and dance.

One point in the film was about how Tango works as a partner dance. I can say one bit about this from personal experience. It took me many years of classes to grasp some of the basics of dance.

As a leader in partner dancing, I had to learn a repertoire of steps. I am very slow at this kind of learning, but I do now have such a repertoire and I am now able to invent new moves on the fly.

I have taken classes for almost every major type of dance, but mostly I do Swing Dancing. One of my swing dance partners is a woman named Sara, who has gotten very deep into Tango. But sometimes she shows up at our swing dances and I love dancing with her. What is odd: She doesn’t really follow, but she doesn’t really lead, either. I will start to lead a move and then she turns it into something else and I go with that.

In most cases, this ends with someone getting injured. But I learned how to make it work, by reading the other person and noticing when she is turning it into something else.

This was a key point in the film: That once you get past the steps and basic mechanics of Tango, it becomes a give and take where both partners are doing some leading and some following.

And the film was making out that this is a way for people to learn to form connections that we rarely make in everyday life. I found this intriguing.

I am a science and engineering guy who believes in traditional methods of social change. For me the big issue facing the world is the Climate Crisis. We don’t have time for conflict, as we are now fighting in a burning building. I don’t know if music, dance and “vibration” is a path to a better world. I will just say that I am happy for anything anyone is doing to work for a better, more connected world.

This event was a fundraiser for Transform Through Arts. For more information: https://www.transformthrougharts.org/

Robert Bernstein


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  1. Yulia asked me to add these comments from her:
    Thank you so much for an article , Robert!
    This is the aspect of social change that Transform Through Arts is also in forth front

    There was also an aspect of Social change and racial justice. Transform Through Arts provided opportunities for underrepresented cultural groups and People of Color to shine brining balance of equity. Also the vibration of uniting humanity in all of its diversity through music and dance creates vibration of belonging, creativity, inclusivity and unity.
    Therefore bringing the diverseness into unity!

    Also the aspect of Tango is that of the embrace, and it is used only in tango. Embracing some one of different nationality while dancing tango is very special it is a direct acceptant e of a person regardless of their ethnicity, political views or sexual orientation or whatever. When I go to LA I end dancing with Chinese, Indian, Middle, Eastern in an embrace.
    Tango is a transformational dance that lets melts cultural boundaries.
    In the article it sounded like mission of transform through arts is subjective through some “vibration” but it is not.
    It is unifying humanity in all of its diversity. Which creates vibration of oneness.

    This is better said
    Also mission of TTA of uniting humanity in all of its diversity through music and dance creates a sense of belonging, inclusivity and unity of diverse expressions of humanity.

    Also brining awareness to ecology in a film. Is to inspire audience to think about those issues. Even if we are not directly impacting through that steam. It is still to awoke care.

    Also the film is about interconnectivity of cultures. The one thread of a unifying heartbeat that people express through drums in different cultures in their own unique way.

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