Downtown Trolleys Set for Parade Day

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Source: Old Spanish Days

With a new parade route along Cabrillo Boulevard and limited nearly parking, attendees will now be able to take advantage of the downtown parking garages and arrive at the Parade route via free trolley shuttles.

Old Spanish Days is partnering with the City of Santa Barbara and the Downtown Organization to offer this free service to the community.

Three shuttles will be circulating up Chapala Street, across Victoria Street, and down Anacapa Street to the beach side of State Street. The shuttles will pick up at multiple locations along this route running in roughly 10-minute intervals.

The free shuttles will begin at 10 am and run until 5 pm. 

“It’s important to all of us that members of our community have easy access to our Fiesta Parade,” said 2022 La Presidente Maria Cabrera. “These trolleys are a great collaboration between three organizations that support Fiesta in many ways. This year’s theme, Todos Juntos en Familia, is evident in this outstanding collaborative partnership that benefits our community tremendously.”

“I could not be happier about the return of Fiesta to our community this year,” said Robin Erlander, executive director of the Downtown Organization. “And these trolleys will support locals and visitors by providing easy access to view one of the largest equestrian parades in the country. The Downtown Organization is pleased to to partner with the City and Old Spanish Days Fiesta

Parade Day Shuttle Pick up locations are:

*In the 900 block of Chapala Street near Lot 2

*1100 Block of Anacapa next to the library, across from the Courthouse, and between the Library Garage and the Granada Garage

*600 Block of Anacapa near Ortega and next to Lot 10


The drop off will be at State and Yanonali near the train Depot, just a one block walk to the Parade route.

An attached map shows the entire route.

Fiesta 2022 runs from August 3-7. Viva la Fiesta 2022!

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Humanitarian2003 Jul 31, 2022 12:28 PM
Downtown Trolleys Set for Parade Day

It's so inspiring to see all of the effort that is put into making the Old Spanish Fiesta Days successful, much more than for the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice. The Solstice people use their creativity to support freedom of expression to all people, essentially promoting thinking out-of-the box, a resource that we desperately need. Old Spanish Days, in contrast, supports a culture that overwhelmed Native American Chumash into slavery and allowed ownership of land, leading into living outside of sustainable ecological resources that supported native peoples in harmony with nature for thousands of years. Rather than emulate the Native Americans and live in harmony in a paradise garden, we have chosen the Other Path, and now we fruitlessly try to implement Technology to solve the problems that we have created. Happy Fiesta. Contemplate what you are supporting while you still can survive and do so.

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