Downtown Night Bowling Kick-Off Introduction

Downtown Night Bowling Kick-Off Introduction title=
Downtown Night Bowling Kick-Off Introduction
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By Bonnie Carroll

In the month of December Santa Barbara Lawn Bowls Club celebrated their 80th anniversary with an open house to kick-off SBLBC night bowling. A special club committee including Scott Coones, Bud Viard, and Max Mickey spent many hours designing and installing an outstanding lighting system that makes night lawn bowling every Tuesday night a done deal for members, area downtown business people or area residents. The SBLBC has been co-sponsored by the City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department since 1937.

Light system builders Scott Coons, Bud Viard & Max Mickey light up the new Night Bowling Sign

Despite the poor air conditions due to the nearby fires and chilly weather, a large crowd of enthusiastic club members and new people, including area business owners, couples, and individuals interested in learning the game showed up to take lessons, learn about club opportunities, enjoy refreshments and throw a few bowls with Tuesday night members. A burning fire in the clubhouse was a popular venue after lessons, where guests enjoyed sandwiches and soda.

Scott Coons passing out holiday cookies to guests

Downtown business people and residents appreciate the convenience of the downtown location of SBLBC and enjoy playing with club members, co-workers, and friends after work. Interested individual and team players are welcome to attend and enjoy a lesson from SBLBC award-winning members.

Tuesday night bowling will be ongoing and anyone interested can call Scott Coons at Spencer Adams Park, 1216 De la Vina Street. For night bowl individual or group information, night dates and times please visit: or call Scott Coons at (805) 636-9748.

Past President Sharron Adams gives a lesson to new bowler at Open House

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