Donations Sought for Family Hit by Vehicle

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Donations Sought for Family Hit by Vehicle
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By edhat staff

It's GivingTuesday and we're highlighting a fundraiser for a Santa Barbara family in need. 

Approximately two weeks ago, a local couple went on a date night and left their young child with their caregiver, Yanet. 

Yanet, her son, and the couple's daughter were crossing the street when all three were hit by a vehicle. All three were injured and are still recovering from their injuries.

The driver stopped at the scene and called an ambulance, however, the driver is 17-years-old and did not have a valid license or insurance. This has left Yanet and her son trying to heal from their injuries while also scrambling to pay for expensive medical costs. While Yanet’s son has access to health insurance through his father, Yanet does not have the same coverage and needs support to pay mounting medical bills; the ambulance alone cost over $2,300. 

The local family has created a GoFundMe account to help with their medical expenses while recovering.

On this GivingTuesday, we hope you consider donating to help this woman and these children recover from their injuries. Donations can be made here

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neilmyers Dec 04, 2019 02:11 PM
Donations Sought for Family Hit by Vehicle

First, this is awful for everyone involved. I hope they all recover, but it cannot be fun. Second, Cottage Hospital has a program where they will waive fees for people who cannot afford it. I have seen others I know benefit from this program. Hopefully Yanet can take advantage of this. The same is true of ambulance companies, although I don't know anyone who has done this with AMR.

Luvaduck Dec 04, 2019 12:54 PM
Donations Sought for Family Hit by Vehicle

"Date night" doesn't always mean at night. What time of day/night. Were the woman & kids in a crosswalk/corner crossing w/adequate street lighting if at night? Was the driver unimpaired (except by youth & inexperience?) Any other factors that might have made this accident avoidable for either party and could be used to prevent this sort of thing in the future?

Flicka Dec 04, 2019 11:53 AM
Donations Sought for Family Hit by Vehicle

I've read the U.S. is the only "First World Country" without universal health insurance. Maybe stop giving health insurance to all the "elected" running our country and see how they like having no insurance. Might just change their tune!

a-1575479484 Dec 04, 2019 09:11 AM
Donations Sought for Family Hit by Vehicle

This is why an Improved Medicare for All is necessary for the United States such as proposed by Pramila Jayapal HR1384 and Bernie Sanders S1129 and supported by Elizabeth Warren. Everyone is covered for all medical bills. Nobody gets sued for medical costs, nobody has to beg for medical bill money, everybody prepays by ability to pay so there are no costs at the time of service. The US health care system becomes humane, affordable, sustainable and everyone has choice of any participating doctor (90% participate in the current Medicare system). If you want Health Care in the USA to stop being a discriminatory, wasteful, unsustainable, inhumane system, VOTE for SANDERS or WARREN for president. They understand that choice of doctor matters to us all, that administrative costs can be reduced dramatically for all health care professionals when there is one universal, complete plan for all, and that financing can be made fair and sustainable when administered through a tax system rather than literally thousands of health insurance plans, many completely inadequate.

a-1575469840 Dec 04, 2019 06:30 AM
Donations Sought for Family Hit by Vehicle

There is no insurance extension to an unlicensed driver unfortunately. I 100% agree that the parents are responsible and should be sued. However, that takes time and if they don't have money then nothing will come of it. In the meantime this mom and child need help, she's a babysitter, there is no pto or insurance or disability insurance there. It looks like the family she works for is helping, which is wonderful! It wouldn't take much for us as a community to get them past this so they can heal. Even $10-15 from 300 people would make all the difference!

jak Dec 03, 2019 01:32 PM
Donations Sought for Family Hit by Vehicle

A seventeen year old can’t buy and register a car in California. Some adult somewhere is the legal title holder. That adult most likely has insurance of some sort.

a-1575406970 Dec 03, 2019 01:02 PM
Donations Sought for Family Hit by Vehicle

At least this guy stopped and called an ambulance. A lot of people don’t stop, these days. I’m guessing that most of those who don’t stop, do it because they’re either intoxicated or don’t have license etc. Good on him for that.

a-1575470209 Dec 04, 2019 06:36 AM
Donations Sought for Family Hit by Vehicle

So true!! Because of this, if the woman who was hit has her own auto insurance, there may actually be coverage under her own to cover some of her expenses. I hope she does and she can call them to ask for help. I am an insurance agent and had someone contact me once because their child, who uses a wheelchair, was hit by a car and the driver failed to stop and they were hoping there was coverage somewhere to help replace the wheelchair. Turned out that their ins company does have coverage for accidents involving other cars, even if it happens while THEY were the pedestrian! They filed a claim under the uninsured/underinsured portion of the policy.

Another thought too is if the nanny doesn't have her own insurance but is listed as a driver on her employer's policy then there may be coverage there. There may even be coverage on their homeowner's policy under the mandatory worker's comp endorsement. Worth looking into!!!

a-1575404738 Dec 03, 2019 12:25 PM
Donations Sought for Family Hit by Vehicle

The guy’s family must have known he was trouble. I say get him a job and garnish his wages. It won’t be much, but maybe it will teach him responsibility.

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