Dogs of the Week: Mouse and Possum

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Source: Spark Rescue

Available Now: Mouse and Possum are too sweet adorable chi mixes they came to Spark Rescue from Bakersfield at just six weeks old. These two sweeties are now 10 weeks and ready for a home to call their own. 

Mouse was named by her rescuer since she was so tiny and resembled a mouse with a little white chest and paws.  Possum was named because of her longer nose and perky ears. Although these two sweeties look very much alike there personalities are different. 

Mouse is the ultimate cuddler. She loves to be around people. She is comfortable around older kids, calm cats and dogs.  Possum is smart and inquisitive. She loves to be close to the action. She is also comfortable around older kids, calm cats and dogs. Both of these cuties have been spayed, up to date on vaccinations, dewormed and microchipped. 

If you are interested in adopting one of these cutie pies please submit an adoption application they can be found on our website at Thank you for choosing to adopt.

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