Dogs of the Week: Eddie and Connie

Dogs of the Week: Eddie and Connie title=
Dogs of the Week: Eddie and Connie
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By Foster Mom Lee

These two lovely creatures are long overdue for a lifetime loving home -- but they must go together.  They are too attached to each other to be separated, after hard lives.

Eddie (Husky/Australian Shepherd mix) and Connie (Border Collie/Lab mix) came to DAWG/the Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society in January from a hoarding situation, where they had been living in kennels. They spent another 5 months in kennels at the Buellton shelter and just finally found a foster home in the Santa Barbara area.  They are ready for a family and life out of kennels!

Both dogs are about 6 years old, we think.  Connie is relaxed, friendly and outgoing.  Eddie is shy and easily frightened at first, but very sweet and affectionate once you win his trust.  They both love leash walks! Otherwise they are quiet and tolerant of being left in an enclosure (although they do have good deep watchdog barks!).  They are almost certainly house broken because they NEVER go to the bathroom in their enclosure. They would love to be house dogs, hanging out with you.  (Do note: Eddie has a Husky coat so expect to have to brush him a lot!)

The shelter reports that they were fine around the premises cat, but they've shown a fair bit of prey drive while out on walks, so they might not be suitable in a home with cats.  They have not been tested with other dogs, but they are pretty non-reactive when they see other dogs while out on walks.

If you are interested in giving a long overdue home to this incredibly sweet pair, visit for instructions on how to move forward.  If you would like more information about their temperaments, you can email their foster mom at [email protected].

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