Dog of the Week: Teddy

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Dog of the Week: Teddy
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Source: Spark Rescue

A special home needed for a very special little dog . .

Teddy's Story: Handsome young Teddy was a member of the 'Mojave Four', the four young litter-mates found abandoned in the desert back in October. Teddy's siblings, Oliver and Tilly, both found loving homes weeks ago, but Teddy being the most timid of the bunch has yet to find the right fit.

The abandoned foursome had clearly received minimal socialization since birth, and although Teddy has made considerable progress over the past few months, he still requires extra guidance and support in new situations. For this reason we would like to place Teddy in a home with a compatible 'lead dog' (or two) to help him gain much needed confidence.

Teddy is just over a year old, and weights around 20 lbs. Based on his soft fluffy non-shedding coat and unique coloring, we believe he is part Poodle, Yorkie and perhaps Shih Tzu. Teddy has beautiful brown eyes that will melt your heart, and the cutest tail that curls up onto his back. Besides his striking good looks, Teddy is a dog that deeply connects with his person(s), and appears to be the most content when sitting next to his foster mom. Teddy is also full of young dog energy and loves to play with toys and other dogs, but is also content to calmly snuggle on a couch. Teddy enjoys being pampered and brushed, is trained to sleep in an X- pen, and understands to go potty outside. Teddy is not a barker but will alert his foster mom if a stranger is outside of the yard. Because of his shyness, Teddy would be best suited to an adult only home.

If you are interesting in adding Teddy to your family, ideally as a second or third dog, please submit an adoption application found on our website at:

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