Dog of the Week: Patron

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Dog of the Week: Patron
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Talk about playful energy! Patron is just over a year and the only pup left from his litter of nine rescued from the streets. Patron is quirky and silly and all legs- he loves to use his front paws in play.

Patron tends to hold onto some nervous energy. While he absolutely loves all dogs and wants to play, he can be a little untrusting of humans. His adopter will need to be an experienced dog owner with the ability to go slow with Patron when introducing him to new people. They also will need to build a relationship of full trust- trust for him and trust by him.

Patron is hoping his pack leader will come sweep him off his paws in the very near future!

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vrajaprana Jul 07, 2017 10:07 PM
Dog of the Week: Patron

He just needs a very patient and committed dog person and he will change.

420722 Jul 03, 2017 10:21 AM
Dog of the Week: Patron

This guy has been in jail for a long time and apparently he is really nervous and untrusting around humans. No offense but why does this country insist on saving animals that are dangerous. I don't get it. Put him down and save a innocent person from being bit.

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