Dog of the Week: Orion

Dog of the Week: Orion title=
Dog of the Week: Orion
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Source: Santa Barbara County Animal Services

Orion is a super swe4-year-oldold pit mix who has been waiting patiently at the shelter for his home for more than a year.  Due to the fire, he, along with other dogs in the shelter, have been transferred to the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society.

He is sweet, really smart, attentive, knows many commands, has a puppy spirit, is a great hiking buddy, adores the beach, and is an all-around really nice dog. He Loves to play with toys, chase balls, and get hugs. One of the volunteers at the shelter wrote this about him:  "I took Orion to lunch at Hollister Brewing Company. Best damn drinking buddy ever! So good - stuck his nose up once in a while to see what we were eating, but never got pushy. My wife kept saying let's take him home!"  

Let’s help Orion find his forever home for the New Year! 

Learn more about him here.

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a-1591441031 Dec 31, 2017 10:45 AM
Dog of the Week: Orion

The title of the first photo should be, "Why Dogs Hate Christmas!" ;)

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