Dog of the Week: Lulu

Dog of the Week: Lulu title=
Dog of the Week: Lulu
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Source: DAWG Santa Barbara

BORN:  2013

GENDER:  Female

BREED:  Power, Central Asian Shephard

ORIGIN:  Santa Barbara County Animal Services

PERSONALITY:  Playful, forever puppy, nervous with strangers - both dogs and people, and a little dramatic

Lulu is a very special resident here at DAWG - certainly a staff favorite!   There is nothing better than an oversized lap dog.

She has completed one of two TPLO surgeries, as she has two bum knees. She is about 135 lbs and she is working hard at practicing her sociability with other people, but even more so with dogs. She was pretty undersocialized when she came to us, and it’s been difficult to continue her progress with her bad legs, as we must limit her activity. We are looking forward to the completion of her surgeries so that we can help this girl be the best that she can be. 

If you’d like to donate specifically to the cost of her surgeries, please contact the shelter for more information.

Interested in Lulu?  Complete the application and someone from DAWG will contact you with more information.

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Fitnessanddogs805 May 09, 2018 10:39 AM
Dog of the Week: Lulu

It’s true. Lulu suffered her injury at DAWG.

a-1591521349 May 07, 2018 08:51 AM
Dog of the Week: Lulu

Not true! She was in desperate need of surgery when she was up north, and the reason DAWG took her is that they were the only ones who could finance it.

PitMix May 07, 2018 12:45 PM
Dog of the Week: Lulu

Believe you have your facts wrong. She was transferred to DAWG from the County shelter next door. I have talked to the DAWG volunteer trainer that evaluated her and used to walk her before the injuries. She was not on limited activity until the knee injuries were diagnosed in April of 2017.

PitMix May 07, 2018 07:44 AM
Dog of the Week: Lulu

A volunteer told me that she was transferred to DAWG from the County Shelter in November 2016 and her knees were in good shape then, what happened to her? Are they hoping the adopter will pay for the knee surgeries?

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