Dog of the Week: Georgie

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Dog of the Week: Georgie
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Source: Spark Rescue

Special Adopter Needed for a Very Special Dog

Reintroducing Georgie: Georgie was the dog that came to us in July in the worst condition of any dog we've ever seen (see before photos).

At only three years old, it appears that the only life Georgie had ever known was one of terrible neglect and abuse. Since arriving at Spark Rescue Georgie has slowly learned to trust and is now one of the happiest and joyful little dogs we've ever known . . while at other times being one of the grumpiest - The vet has given Georgie a full exam, done imaging and more, and it's been determined that he is in no physical discomfort, and that some dogs just communicate with grumpy sounds (something likely related to past neglect and abuse).

For this reason Georgie will require a big-hearted owner, preferably a single person, who understands that Georgie requires gentle leadership, patience, and at times a sense of humor.

Georgie looks to be a Bichon-Poo mix, with most likely a splash of something else thrown in. He has a beautiful peachy-white coat. Georgie currently weighs 16 pounds and enjoys his daily walks, and play time squeaky toys are his favorite! Georgie knows to go potty outside when he has access. He loves to sit on laps and cover you with kisses. Georgie is very friendly with other well-mannered dogs and fine with cats too (if properly introduced).

If you feel that you can give Georgie a loving home please visit our website and fill out an application. If you have an application on file please email [email protected] and reference Georgie, thank you for choosing to adopt!

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uponthehill Dec 10, 2018 08:24 AM
Dog of the Week: Georgie

Would love to see the video. But not allowing facebook tracking.

a-1544433470 Dec 10, 2018 01:17 AM
Dog of the Week: Georgie

Can't watch trailer because I won't allow Fbook to track me. Thanks, Fbook.

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