Dog of the Week: Foxy

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Dog of the Week: Foxy
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Source: Spark Rescue Santa Barbara

Foxy is a beautiful 1 3/4 yr old Malinois, up to date with her shots. She has had a very difficult life after being adopted from a shelter first as a puppy, and returned and adopted many times. At some point, her jaw was broken and never treated, causing a deformity since it was not repaired. It does not take away from her beauty, though, and is fully functional. Foxy suffers from separation anxiety because of being adopted and returned so many times. Her ideal household will be an athletic one, where someone is always home and can keep her occupied. Training experience is a must, agility training would be perfect. This dog breaks my heart. She needs a loving permanent forever home!

Foxy is high energy and housebroken. She loves to lie right near you as long as you give her enough space she will trust you in no time and will be a wonderful companion. She knows how to fetch and knows down and sit (best with hand signals). She also knows quite a few other tricks. She should be socialized with other dogs and people at a slower pace but this could really benefit her because she has a strong interest.”She is dog selective and not good with cats.

Foxy is a third party adoption and there are no area restrictions for adoption. Please contact for more details: [email protected]

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