Dog of the Week: Cooper

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Dog of the Week: Cooper
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By Spark Rescue

Foster to Adopt this 8 mo old Great Dane/Boxer/Shepherd mix named Cooper. He is super sweet, great with all dogs but prefers little dogs, he was rescued from Mexico at 6 weeks and was born and spent his whole life in a tiny crate and does have PTSD from that so he is not crate trained but he is house broken and does good on a leash. He is nervous when meeting new people especially women(the person who had him in Mexico was a woman), he is good with kids 8 and up but his owner has an autistic son and he isn’t doing to well with him(too excited) and she doesn’t have the time or knowledge to train him so she needs to find a rescue for him. She did adopt him from a rescue but they refused to take him back because they are “too full”

So if you would like to foster to adopt please go to our website and fill out a foster to adopt application.

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