Dog of the Week: Balto

Dog of the Week: Balto title=
Dog of the Week: Balto
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Source: SB DAWG

BORN:  2012


BREED:  Power, Husky

ORIGIN:  Santa Barbara County Animal Services

ENERGY: Medium/High

SIZE: 60 Lbs

PERSONALITY:  Confident, Playful, Energetic, Independent, Natural Born Leader

Balto is a super smart boy! He has been with us for a somewhat extended stay. He’s just “a lot” of dog! In the time he has been here, Balto has helped countless DAWG dogs! With his natural born leader personality he’s taught pushy, confident dogs boundaries while also being a perfect “first” dog for nervous dogs to practice with and gain some confidence in social settings.

Interested in Balto?  Complete the application and someone from DAWG will contact you with more information.

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