Dog of the Week: Angelina

Dog of the Week: Angelina title=
Dog of the Week: Angelina
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Source: SB DAWG

BORN:  2010

GENDER: Female

BREED:  Mini Poodle

ORIGIN:  Santa Maria Animal Services 2018

ENERGY:  Medium/High

PERSONALITY: Sweet, Confident, Hypoallergenic

Angelina just joined our pack. Some of us call her Angie for short. This girl is happy, sweet and loving. When you start petting her, she snuggles right in for more. Angie has a confident demeanor and a bonus: Her beautiful fur is hypoallergenic. This sweet lady will be a most amazing addition to any loving home.

Once Angelina has her new dog exam and once we tend to any needs she may have, she'll be ready for her new home.

Interested in Angelina? Complete the application and someone from DAWG will contact you with more information.

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