Does Santa Barbara County Have a Cooling Center List?

By TwoScoops

I came across the Los Angeles ”Surviving the Heat- Emergency Survival Program 2018” document. It includes their 2018 Cooling Center List.

Is there anything like this for Santa Barbara County?  A heat wave is predicted for next week.


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  1. Sorry bubba, but I said “The pacific ocean” not parked on a pier of creosote soaked timbers, ABOVE the Pacific Ocean. The water is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Go for a swim and cool down a little bit. Maybe it will wash away the grumpiness.

  2. hm….national weather service forcast for SB shows 1 day at a high of 87f (Tuesday)….not sure that would be a massive heat wave…just one hot day at the end of July…which is normally when we see heat. The rest of the week is low to mid 80s with a breeze. Go to the beach and stick your toes in the water….or cruise from one store to the next with AC

  3. Somebody made a very nice list of hotels that were offering discounts for evacuees during the Thomas Fire, and 1/9 Debris Flow. Could that same nice person put together a list of cooling centers, and some important senior citizen information? Prevention of heat illnesses will help _not overload_ Cottage Hospital.

  4. If you are planning to stay cool with the help of your car air-conditioner, while driving around, please remember to have a full tank of gas. The whole state of California will have a heat wave next week, and it is likely there were be power problems. You can’t get gas (or groceries, for that matter) if the electricity is off. Gas up now, get groceries now.

  5. Dr. Daniel Swain.Verified account @Weather_West. “…many/most folks on the coastal plain in SoCal do *not* have air conditioning! The most recent heatwave was very problematic partly for this reason, as it brought extremely hot temperatures directly into the coastal strip where folks don’t have active cooling.”

  6. Heat wave next week will be high risk for entire population due to long duration heat, with little to no relief overnight. Have a cooler with ice in it, in case power goes out, you’ll have chilled water. You won’t want to keep opening and closing refrigerator door. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day __even if you aren’t thirsty__.

  7. Incredible that not one of these responses addresses the question. Is there a list of cooling centers in this area? People without shelter (homeless) and others living in poorly insulated housing might need to get some respite in such places. The high heat (and the predicted heat is generally at the airport which is much lower than downtown) are in peril in such conditions. IS THERE A LIST AND CAN WE POST IT ON SITES SUCH AS THIS TO BE OF HELP?

  8. People have not always “chosen” to live in the bushes. What arrogance to suggest that so many are simply paying the price of their indulgence. Some were not equipped emotionally and/or mentally to compete, some suffered illness or natural disaster that devastated their resources, some never had work or jobs that allowed them to “get ahead” much less save significant amounts. People who had low income jobs and paid social security get an income that doesn’t cover much. They may have shelter but can be driven out by heat as they become more sensitive to such extremes. They don’t go to the beach to swim it off. A little empathy is not going to undercut the bona fides of you tough folks who are self made and therefore “more deserving.” Loosen up.

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