Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence

Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence title=
Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence
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Source: Santa Barbara Airport 

[On Monday], Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) announces Sun Country Airlines will begin Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota service from the “depart differently” airport starting on August 16, 2018. Booking is available now with roundtrip fares currently starting at $196. 

Sun Country Airlines will operate the three-and-a-half-hour flight on Thursdays and Sundays. The route will be served by a Boeing 737-700 with capacity for 126 passengers.

Thursday - Sun Country Flight Schedule

Depart SBA 9:55am PST arrive MSP 3:25pm CST

Depart MSP 7:05am CST arrive SBA 9:05am PST 

Sunday - Sun Country Flight Schedule

Depart SBA 5:50pm PST arrive MSP 11:20pm CST

Depart MSP 2:55pm CST arrive SBA 4:55pm PST

Visit Santa Barbara is promoting the new service within the Minneapolis/St. Paul region and is encouraging residents there to take advantage of the many unique experiences that Santa Barbara has to offer. Direct service from this major Midwest hub will play a part in the robust recovery of the tourism industry in Santa Barbara.

“The low cost direct flight option to MSP opens up significant travel opportunities for our outbound travelers,” noted Hazel Johns, airport director. “Not only does Minneapolis offer a vibrant and dynamic destination in its own right, Sun Country Airlines’ service offers Santa Barbara residents great one-stop, low fare options to New York and Boston.”

Currently, outbound travelers from SBA can travel with one stop through MSP to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York (JFK) for $507/roundtrip or to Boston (BOS) for $333/roundtrip.

Sun Country Airlines’ new direct flight service underscores SBA’s passenger growth trajectory over the last two years, with a 16% passenger count increase in June 2018 over June 2017.

Following the inaugural Sun County Flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul, approximately 106 passengers were greeted by the Airport Director and staff with swag bags.

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kj082502 Aug 18, 2018 03:39 PM
Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence

Amazing the negativity in this town. Once you have a moment to get off the “Santa Barbara is the only place to be” soapbox, you might realize the places like Minneapolis are truly special. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Santa Barbara. I just don’t understand how narrow minded folks can be regarding all of the wonderful places out there. Minneapolis’ culinary and cultural scenes could eclipse Santa Barbara’s any day of the week. Let’s be thrilled our community has been given yet another opportunity to connect with the world, instead of using this in the usual Santa Barbara tradition of having an opportunity to bash something so few know nothing about.

jak Aug 17, 2018 02:07 PM
Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence

Hmmmm. been there done that. Does anyone else remember the prior after the demise of Airwest (the fragmentary remnants of which are now owned by Raytheon) American Airlines came into town in a big way and eventually offered direct flights not only to their big hubs in Chicago and Dallas and nearby cities such as Monterey, Palm Springs, and Bakersfield, but also a few long haul flights to Raleigh NC and ... get ready for it ... Rochester MN about 45 minutes south of MSP as I recall. Why Rochester and not the bigger MSP? to make it inconvenient for passengers to connect to competitors' flights out of MSP as opposed to American's near-monopoly at Rochester. As I recall the RDU flights lasted about six months and the RST flights slightly longer. I actually flew both those routes and the flights to Rochester could be had for under a hundred bucks.

mtndriver Aug 17, 2018 10:30 AM
Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence

Maybe in winter we'll get some folks looking for warmer weather come for the weekend.... Now, if the flight was to Chicago, that would be something!

a-1591189910 Aug 17, 2018 10:25 AM
Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence

This airline is a psudo-offering to create the impression of competition. They couldn't have picked a more purposeful, Siberian-esque destination if they tried. As Uber and Lyft have "disrupted" ride sharing and ABNB has disturbed traditional hotel stays, it'd be ideal to remove moats and obstacles and allow ANYONE to start regional services to wherever their little investment plans want to travel. Why we've not got a west coast plane service is ludicrous. Until then, the taxpayer-subsidized, Santa Barbara-United Airlines Airport, built like sarcophagus will stand as representation of what is monopolistic, moat building behavior that protects the interests of people other then local.

a-1591189910 Aug 18, 2018 10:41 AM
Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence

Why would you quote "enterprise"? Because you know it's all an accounting gimic? Yes. An enterprise fund, by way of fees which are taxes which are subsidies funds the incredibly idiotic airport that was built. Want an example? Nothing happens on the entire bottom floor. It's a vacant tomb. To fly? You literally have to go up an escalator, get searched, walk down a hallway and then go back down stairs again (when not using Jetway) to walk out on the tarmac. They made this mouse trap.

Mas Gaviota Aug 17, 2018 12:43 PM
Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence

The Santa Barbara Airport has turned a profit for years. The new building cost a lot of money, so the debt service has pushed the them into a loss. Getting more flights is how they will get back into the black. The Airport has usually been taxpayer subsidized.

a-1591189910 Aug 17, 2018 11:47 AM
Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence

Whoa. I'm no great defender of the airport (liked the little old terminal better, think it should be owned by Goleta, new airport was made solely to appease the TSA sideshow, etc.). But pretty sure than every yellow cab driver would be happy to tell you how "disrupted" they've been by Uber. They ain't jumping from bridges for nothing. Also, a reminder that not so long ago Delta flew SBA/SLC (ceased as the route was unprofitable) and US Airway was independent (merged with American). We also didn't used to have Alaska/Frontier/Horizon in town. Could go on, but not everything is the airport management's fault.

destag Aug 16, 2018 04:31 PM
Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence

See if it lasts as long as past direct flights to Las Vegas, Sacramento or Salt Lake City. Frontier is still half the price of United to DEN checking at over a month from now. Only 1 flight a day won't lower the prices for over a dozen United or several American flights. Salt Lake City is only a few dollars less on Frontier and takes twice as long.

Flicka Aug 16, 2018 12:45 PM
Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence

Surprisingly my sister-in-law gets a better deal flying straight here from Sea-Tac than when she flew into L.A. and paid for an airbus ride up here.

CS805 Aug 16, 2018 02:42 PM
Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence

That's because Alaska is flying a 737 and there's greater supply than demand for that route. Alaska has been using the 737 for the last year because of severe pilot shortages within their wholly own Horizon brand which has caused some routes that would otherwise be operated by Horizon to be moved to Alaska. You'll notice that flights to Portland, operated by Horizon on a smaller aircraft, are way more expensive than Seattle on a week to week basis.

a-1591189910 Aug 16, 2018 08:57 AM
Direct Flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul Commence

This is great news. This Sun Country flight to MSP, along with the new Frontier flight to DEN, will push down local rates for United and American. Competition is an amazing and wonderful thing for consumers. Yay!

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