Detectives Searching for an Attempted Murder Suspect

Detectives Searching for an Attempted Murder Suspect title=
Detectives Searching for an Attempted Murder Suspect
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By the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's detectives are searching for an attempted murder suspect who is believed to have fled the area.

On Friday, January 27, 2023, at approximately 3:07 a.m., deputies responded to the 2000-block of Sherwood Drive in Tanglewood along with County Fire and AMR for an unknown type of emergency. When they arrived, deputies found an adult female with several stab wounds to her upper torso.

Deputies quickly identified the suspect as the victim's boyfriend, 23-year-old Jesus David Galvan Cuevas. The suspect fled prior to deputies’ arrival and the victim was transported to an area hospital. The victim was seriously injured but is expected to recover. 

In the days that followed, detectives have been actively investigating this crime and believe that Cuevas has fled the area in a black 2006 Audi A3 station wagon.

Sheriff's detectives are sharing a photo of Cuevas, who is described as 6'00" tall, 260 pounds, with black hair, brown eyes and a full beard that could have been shaved to alter his appearance.

Cuevas should be considered dangerous, and the Sheriff's Office is encouraging anyone with information about his location to contact Sheriff’s detectives at (805)681-4150. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can provide information by calling our tip line at (805)681-4171 or online at 

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Luvaduck Feb 08, 2023 08:37 AM
Detectives Searching for an Attempted Murder Suspect

23 years old, 250# and six-foot-three and he stabs <women>. What a loser. She probably wasn't even armed. (I guess that's no worse than shooting up rooms full of elementary school kids, but where do these men come from?)

a-1675810966 Feb 07, 2023 03:02 PM
Detectives Searching for an Attempted Murder Suspect

Agree with other comments, what a stupidly written press release when there are multiple streets with the same name in the county. Use nearest city/town markers, not neighborhoods no one but locals would know...

bicyclist Feb 07, 2023 02:22 PM
Detectives Searching for an Attempted Murder Suspect

Near Black Road / Tanglewood Market, best I can tell. 2020 Sherwood Dr, Santa Maria, CA 93455 (only as a reference not the "exact location" just used for the Google search), pretty much the whole block is the 2000 block except the last 6 homes at the end... Also near Arellanes Junior High School. I was also curious as to "where" these locations are.

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