Deputies Arrest Burglars in Isla Vista and Recover Stolen Property

Sheriff’s deputies have arrested two burglary suspects and have recovered stolen property that are seeking to return to owners.

On Wednesday, November 1, 2023, at approximately 2:19 a.m., deputies responded to the 6600-block of Abrego Road for a report of suspects attempting to break into an apartment. Deputies searched the area and located one suspect who matched the descriptions given by a witness.

The suspect, 24-year-old Steven Rousseu from Oak View, was detained and found in possession of stolen property. Rousseu was booked at the Main Jail for burglary (felony), possession of stolen property (misdemeanor), and prowling (misdemeanor). He is being held without bail for a violation of parole.

Later that morning, deputies responded to an additional burglary in the 6600-block of Pasado. Through their investigation, deputies tracked the stolen property to the 7100-block of Hollister Avenue where they arrested 34-year-old Anthony James Maxwell from Ventura.

Deputies have linked Rousseu to Maxwell and believe they were working together. Maxwell was booked at the Main Jail for possession of stolen property (felony), possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor), and possession of burglary tools (misdemeanor). He has since been released on $20,000 bail.

Deputies have successfully returned some of the stolen property they recovered to the owners, but they do have additional items remaining.

Residents of Isla Vista who had items taken on Wednesday are encouraged to report the thefts to the Isla Vista Foot Patrol station by calling (805)681-4179.

The descriptions of recovered items are not being broadcast so that we may accurately return items to the correct owner.


Written by sbsheriff

Press releases written by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

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      • Your point being?

        You are part of the problem fueling a wave of crime across the state.

        These lawless individuals are looting stores, robbing homes and smash and grabbing on cars.

        What do you think happens if you are home when they come? Peaches and cream?

        I pity anyone as oblivious to the problem as you are and hope you never truly learn the consequences, for you and your family’s sake.

        A lot of us are prepared but you would not be.

          • Anon, if I could flag this I would.

            That is a false statistic and relates to those who do not responsibly keep their firearms.

            There are a surprisingly high number of those people in California compared to other places.

            The thing about the “facts” you pull from a quick google search are that the information behind them is gathered in a biased fashion.

            I urge you to do more research before making idiotic claims online under an anonymous handle.

            My kids will learn gun safety just as I have. It’s your kids I worry about with your attitude. Those are the kinds of kids to have preventable accidents relating to guns.

            And if you are going to dare to conjecture upon my practice and discipline with a firearm I would suggest finding some sort of FACTUAL basis to do so.

              • ANON – well, we all know he/she believes being around something 24/7 does not increase the risk of that thing being used improperly (or in a gun’s case, properly, since the proper use to inflict instant death).

                Gun lover “logic” is, well…. illogical.

                • VOICE – oh, VOICE. Are we really going to do this again? If you are continuously exposed to a risk (eg, living with a gun in your home), the chance of an outcome due to your exposure to that risk is much higher than in someone who isn’t continuously exposed to that same type of risk.

                  I really can’t make it any simpler for you to understand. It’s absolute, basic, fundamental logic.

                  Now, if you don’t believe “gun laws” like banning bump stocks, requiring thorough background checks, etc won’t decrease gun crime at all, then you’ve never read the news.

                  If there is less of a thing, it is less likely that thing will be used. Again, basic, fundamental logic.

                  No, we won’t eliminate gun crime in this country, but we CAN reduce it. Just like renewable energy and social distancing during a pandemic. You don’t do NOTHING just because it’s not 100% effective when doing NOTHING causes more people to die.

            • “I pity anyone as oblivious to the problem as you are and hope you never truly learn the consequences, for you and your family’s sake.” Like “SBStoner” reveals your identity. Show your face and then talk to people – especially when you start calling out other people’s families. Another coward conservative.


            “”I guess they decided to try to come at me and come in the house but I have a five-month-old baby and a wife and a nanny in the house and that wasn’t going to happen,” the man told Eyewitness News.

            “There was nothing in my house that was worth dying for. But I was willing to die for my family.””

                • Anon, that “anecdote” is a current example here in CA (there are many more each day throughout the US) where having a firearm saved lives. You and others continue to ignore they have a life saving benefit. Focusing SB Stoner, many here think if you make guns illegal criminals won’t use them. They’re absolutely wrong, and have been proven wrong time and time again, but that’s what they think.

                  • Sac – The irony is that that’s what you people would love to see. “Pretty effin sick” to support taking away the right to bear arms when half of the country’s criminals are illegally armed. And the origin of the guns doesn’t really matter at the point they are in the criminals hands. If the ATF swooped every law abiding citizens guns tomorrow do you really think the illegal gun supply would dwindle in a day? Just like that?

                    I think you aren’t at all aware just how many guns are already in circulation, not all of them originating via legal gun owners.

                    Don’t twist my words, bigot.

                  • SBPOSER – “Sac – The irony is that that’s what you people would love to see.” – LOL what?! “I didn’t say that, YOU did.” “I’m rubber, you’re glue…..”

                    Wow man. Just wow. YOUR WORDS said that, not mine. Man up and own what YOU said.

                    “And the origin of the guns doesn’t really matter at the point they are in the criminals hands.” – It absolutely does matter. If we could stop how guns get into “criminals hands,” we’d have a pretty good chance at lowering guns crimes, don’t you think? Nah, let’s not even bother though. You’re right.

                    And “bigot?” How am I a bigot about guns? Or wait, you’re going off topic to try to insult me? Is that still something you think is an insult to me? Being discriminatory against racists and homophobes is something I’m proud of. Most good people are.

                    LOL….. grill up a new nothingburger!

                • VOICE – ” many here think if you make guns illegal criminals won’t use them.”

                  No one here said that, nor do they think that. That’s simply a lie and you know it, we all do.

                  How do criminals get most of their guns? Answer: from people who are able to legally purchase them. Almost all guns used in crimes start as a legal purchase. If there are less guns to legally purchase, there are less to be eventually sold illegally, etc, to be then used in crimes. Heck many guns used in crimes are legally purchased by the criminal themselves. Remember, not all criminals were breaking the law when they bought their AR-15…..

                  Making something unavailable, results in it being much harder to obtain, therefore reducing the chances it will be used.

                  You go on though, keep making up things and then arguing against your fantasy scenarios. It’s much easier, isn’t it?

                  • You really need to learn more about firearms and gun crimes before you go spouting off on this subject. So the ABC7 news from this week about a guy saving his family from an armed intruder is a “fantasy scenario”?

                  • VOICE – no, that’s not the “fantasy scenario” I was talking about. Your false statement that people think ” if you make guns illegal criminals won’t use them” is what I’m talking about.

                    Again, making things up so you can more easily argue against them is your typical, flawed MO.

                    Can you explain to us ignorant “gun control” people where you think criminals’ guns come from, if not from legally manufactured and purchased or stolen guns?

                    • Sac – you and General RmTree have resorted to saying I “brag about being a stoner”. Where and when did I do that? My Edhat handle?

                      You guys are really off the rails on this one.

                      Your skecukation on my use of cannabis and its products is elementary and laughable, as are your views on and understanding of the world we live in.

                      Go collect some more edd loser.

                  • “a bad cold” that killed over 3/4 of a billion people world wide in a matter of a few years.

                    No, a “fear-filled world” is the one in which you fantasize about the need for gun on your person to protect yourself at the grocery store. A fear filled world where you believe you need military style weapons to protect yourself. A fear filled world where you demand the right to purchase a gun without background checks. A fear filled world where more than HALF of gun owners (that’s over 40 MILLION people) don’t keep their guns locked and put their family’s lives at risk because of their wild west fantasies. A fear filled world where children are being killed in their schools by people who have legally purchased guns capable of killing as many people as possible as fast as possible, yet gun owners rally and cry against any attempt to stop that.

                    Dude, it’s you gun lovers that are scared. Cowards, the lot of you.

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