Denise Anne Platt Maginn

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With profound sadness, we announce the passing of Denise Anne Platt Maginn, our loving and devoted wife, mother, sister, colleague, and friend. Denise passed away on December 13th, 2019 at the age of 69.

Denise was born in Nanuet, New York, and moved to Los Angeles, California with her family during the 1950s. Denise was focused and determined from an early age and worked hard for everything she had, while remaining present for family and friends. She graduated from UCLA undergraduate and the USC School of Nursing. A few years later, she moved to Santa Barbara, California, and worked at Goleta Valley Hospital and Cottage Hospital for 25 years. Denise rose through the ranks to eventually become the nursing director of the ICU. After leaving nursing, Denise attended and graduated from the Santa Barbara College of Law. She went on to practice law in the practice areas of elder abuse and medical malpractice for over 15 years. In 2016, Denise and her husband, Randy, moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to be near their daughter, Nicole. 

Denise lit up a room with her warm presence and inviting smile. She had a relatability that made you feel as though you had known her for years. She walked with the power of softness, strength, experience, and insight. One of her greatest joys came from helping others and advocating for the voiceless. Her magnetic presence will be missed in her personal and professional communities.

Denise is survived by her husband, Randy Maginn, her daughter, Nicole Platt, her son, John Platt, and her brothers, Bruce and Kevin Platt.

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a-1576899937 Dec 20, 2019 07:45 PM
Denise Anne Platt Maginn

RIP Denise. It sounds like you loved and were loved, that is a truly successful life. Condolences to her loved ones.

NY2SB1973 Dec 22, 2019 08:34 AM
Denise Anne Platt Maginn

An amazing women, nurse, lawyer and friend, Denise will truly be missed. I had the pleasure of knowing Denise for many years and learned so much from her, RIP dear Dense.

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