Día de los Muertos in Carpinteria

Día de los Muertos in Carpinteria title=
Día de los Muertos in Carpinteria
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By Robert Bernstein

Carpinteria artists once again hosted celebrations for Día de los Muertos... the Day of the Dead!

Activities included native ceremonies, live music, dancing, food, children's crafts and displays of art.

Here are my videos and photos!

Participants gathered at the Carpinteria Amtrak in advance for face and body painting.

Solstice make-up artist Joan Melendez was one on hand for the creations

Lisa Thomas is one of the main event organizers and she got some temporary body art

Local Chumash performed an opening ceremony

Douglas Dubois was an angel on stilts adding magic to the occasion and posing with me

Performers gathered, rehearsed, posed and did interviews

The parade group started up the sidewalk on Linden Avenue

There was a bit more space further up Linden Avenue

And the UCSB Folklorico Dancers performed at times

Solstice workshop director Riccardo Morrison (R) poses with "dead" wedding couple Lloyd and Lisa Wyckoff who run Anacapa Ukulele in Ventura. They regularly vacation in Yucatan and other parts of Mexico to experience Day of the Dead there.

Here Riccardo poses with the UCSB Folklorico Dancers

The parade turned onto Carpinteria Avenue

As bystanders watched

Then came the last turn onto Vallecito

To the Carpinteria Woman's Club

Mila Kon was one who was displaying art at the Woman's Club

And there was art all around

The Chumash performed again at the Woman's Club garden

As people watched

Former Solstice Executive Director Claudia Bratton was there in full costume and make-up

The UCSB Folklorico Dancers did a complete performance

"Dead" wedding couple Lloyd and Lisa Wyckoff posed together

And with a bigger group

L-R: Riccardo Morrison, Lark Batteau, Lisa and Lloyd Wyckoff, Suzan Duval, Joan Melendez, Hathor Hammett (all of Solstice except for the Wyckoff couple):

If you missed it this year, be sure to catch it next year near the World's Safest Beach!

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