Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara title=
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara
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By Joe DeLise

The Majestic Princess cruise ship arrived in Santa Barbara from San Francisco this morning.

By Ian S.

The breakwater at sunrise.

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a-1647447116 Mar 16, 2022 09:11 AM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Dang, there goes the neighborhood. I hope the isn't any deltacron or stealthacron on that petri dish.

a-1647479318 Mar 16, 2022 06:08 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Wait until you see the exhaust plume drifting down to Montecito when it pulls anchor. Cruise ships should be illegal. The don't conform to the rules everyone else has to follow.

sacjon Mar 16, 2022 11:24 AM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

I can't help but admire them as marvels of engineering! Pretty awesome to see, I think! Heck, we're a tourist town, so more tourists is kind of par for the course.

KarmaSB Mar 16, 2022 01:09 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

nah, we have plenty of tourists, the problem is, our downtown retail sector has disappeared. cruise ships are floating petri dishes and the ships themselves dump loads of waste into the harbor (grey and black), and the ships disrupt a lot of already ongoing activities, then it also ties up the sea landing and puts cranky ship security guards that like to be wanna be tough guys. it's really lame honestly. we don't make that much in retail from them. the CITY makes about half a million from the contract PER ship....that is where the money is. just the ship paying the city to pollute the harbor.

Voice of Reason Mar 16, 2022 01:13 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Incorrect. There are very tight controls on where they can dump grey/black water, and it certainly isn't in our harbor or near our coastline.

a-1647520950 Mar 17, 2022 05:42 AM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

How do you know cruise ships follow guidelines there big corporations big bucks do you have your nose out there

mp805 Mar 17, 2022 01:00 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

No but tourism stared and boomed all the way back to the 1870s - 1880s when Santa Barbara was promoted as one the best Health Resorts in the US because of the incredible climate and location. Tourism brings more than one billion dollars per year into the local economy, including $80 million in tax revenue.

a-1647554626 Mar 17, 2022 03:03 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

The ships don't come into the harbor or anywhere near it, including not at Sea Landing! That would be something to see! The City gets $7/passenger --- "half a million"/ship would mean more than 7,100 passengers/ship --- LOL!

bicyclist Mar 16, 2022 12:52 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

I thought they said it ended on Monday? although I noticed that Firefox (web browser) update to 98.01 REMOVED a couple of the "Russian search engines" per the "What's new" link. the actual text is:
"Yandex and have been removed as optional search providers in the drop-down search menu in Firefox."

Voice of Reason Mar 16, 2022 12:57 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Because we have a power hungry and corrupt governor with a super-majority of the State legislator who are bootlickers for the DNC and ALWAYS toe the party line, which focuses on the needs, wants, and demands of the special interest group and greater national DNC agenda over their actual constituents - the people of the State of California.

Voice of Reason Mar 16, 2022 01:05 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

A reporter with Bloomberg News asked Gov. Newsom: “Do you see the potential, as many others in the Party do, for a new progressive era and opportunity for additional progressive steps?” The governor admittedly gave a long-winded answer which culminated in, “yes,” admitting there is political opportunity born out of the pandemic. “There is opportunity for reimagining a progressive era as it pertains to capitalism,” Gov. Newsom said. “So yes, absolutely we see this as an opportunity to reshape the way we do business and how we govern.”

He has no interest in relinquishing his emergency powers.

KarmaSB Mar 16, 2022 01:13 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

ahhhhh funny guy! Are you implying that the other party, RNC, does not do this as well? The way your blowing your trumpet, certainly sounds as if you are insinuating that. Because you know....we all know how honest, and non corrupt the RNC is. We all know how they act when they lose and how they love to promise things on a blank check, while claiming to be conservatives, hey lets give out free tax rebates and this and that, then blame the other party. it's all stupid....and both parties are the same and the day you open your eyes and realize that the Right side and RNC are just as corrupt and just as much of a basket of liars as are the left, is the day you will be able to breath a sigh of relief...

Voice of Reason Mar 16, 2022 01:18 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

I live in California, the RNC has no power or presence here. Though I agree, both sides are mostly a bunch of swindling liars, which by default forces me to usually vote for the party that wants these swindlers and their bureaucrats to have less power and control over our day to day lives. It amazes me that people look at the situation we're in and think the solution is a bigger and more involved government.

a-1647463784 Mar 16, 2022 01:49 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

A long area of street parking was blocked on Cabrillo, for shuttle buses to take the cruise ship passengers around town. But they used only a small portion of the blocked area. Locals who regularly go to West Beach were inconvenienced for no reason. I hope they get this figured out before the next ship arrives.

Bud Lightyear Mar 16, 2022 02:22 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Complain complain complain!!! They're here for one day and only a few hours ...get over it. I'm sure the downtown and water front bars and restaurants are enjoying the uptick in lunch crowds for the day...we know they need it.

Sun Mar 16, 2022 02:39 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Really? The people on these ships are on a budget, average age 70, they are not big spenders,big spenders have their own boats....the people on budgets eat and drink on the ships, take a day pack with food and drink...the only thing they provide is the spread of disease and the dumping of pharmaceuticals into our local ocean through waste water dumping. Santa Barbara is getting a bad deal.

sacjon Mar 16, 2022 02:52 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

SUN - none of what you said is true. These coastal cruises from SF are expensive, they're not your cheap 3 day Ensenada cruises. I highly doubt the average age is 70 and so what if it is? That does nothing for your "argument." If they go on shore, they spend on shore. You don't buy food on the ship to take with you. It's not worth it. Finally, none of the "Waste water" (including pharmaceuticals) is dumped in our coastal water. The ships don't sit off our coast dumping trash and sewage into our fisheries. It's the California coast. Do you really think that would be allowed? Again. Nothing you say is true, just anger and myths.

Sun Mar 16, 2022 03:15 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Cruise Ship Pollution vs Cars

Would you be shocked to know that each day, cruises around the world emit the equivalent pollution of a million cars? The vast majority of cruise ships run on dirty, heavy fuel. Their toxic emissions are expensive to abate, which results in extreme amounts of particulate matter filling the air.

Just one mid-sized cruise ship can use 150 tons of fuel daily. Why so much fuel? The engines on cruise ships run 24/7 — even if when they’re in ports. While not at sea, the cruise ship still has to be fully operational. The hotel facility must be heated, cooled, and illuminated for guests needs. The spa and restaurants continue to serve guests. And all of this combined takes a whole lot of energy! The energy comes from the ship’s engines — which are forced to produce the same energy that’s required to power a small city.

Port communities and passengers are stuck taking the brunt of this pollution. The emissions that passengers breath while on a cruise are over 20 times higher than on a busy, polluted roadway.
Cruise Ship Pollution vs Planes

Now that we’ve illuminated just how bad cruise ship pollution is, you likely aren’t going to be surprised when we tell you that cruise ship pollution is also worse than flying. Comparing mile to mile, the carbon footprint of a cruise is worse than an airplane. This even factors in the damage from emissions at higher altitude from flying.

Many people have the false assumption that cruising is greener than flying. While both emit pollution into the atmosphere, cruise ships are far worse. Per passenger, per mile, a cruise emits almost double the carbon dioxide.

Cruise ship emissions are also harmful to marine environments and its inhabitants. Cruise ships are notorious for utilizing the cheapest fuel on the market. They then use scrubbers to “clean” their smokestacks, and the pollutants are dumped directly into the ocean — warming the seas and poisoning marine wildlife.
Are Cruise Ships Bad for the Environment?

As we outlined above, cruises are bad for the environment. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. We only hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways that cruises are bad for the environment. They also:

Dump raw sewage and waste into the ocean
Increase ocean noise
Increase pollution in port cities
Develop damaging ports in diverse, biologically rich locations
Spread bacteria and viruses
And more!

These ships cost a billion dollars or more to build. The cruise industry has deep pockets, yet giant cruise corporations continue to use the cheapest fuel allowed and do nothing to rein in their emissions and pollution.

pstarSR Mar 16, 2022 04:16 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

why do we "need" it. isnt our community enough to support local business?
if not, then isnt "that" local business not viable? if it relies on tourist money, and cruise ships.

a-1647495762 Mar 16, 2022 10:42 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Sun, Please include attribution for articles.

I found this:
Friends of the Earth

It's just the proper thing to do unless you wrote it yourself.

a-1647554877 Mar 17, 2022 03:07 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

We probably don't "need" the ships but people have a right to travel --- we probably don't "need" most of the airplane traffic, either; maybe all non-essential airplanes should land and take off in Ventura, is that what you're saying? ... That said, I'd much rather not see the ships here but there are a lot of things here that I wish I didn't see.

sacjon Mar 16, 2022 03:10 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

BASIC - looks like at least 3 miles offshore:,comply%20with%20higher%20state%20standards.

I'm sure it depends on the state of the port as well. I don't think CA is OK with sewage only 3 miles off our beaches.

Voice of Reason Mar 16, 2022 03:55 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

While it may be legal, modern cruise ships don't dump raw/untreated sewage, it is treated in a similar fashion to how Santa Barbara treats it's raw sewage, which Santa Barbara then pumps only 1.5 miles offshore, into the ocean.

pstarSR Mar 17, 2022 07:42 AM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Sun is 100% correct. let me remind you these are corporations that find any area, any loophole to not spend money on labor or work.

so they dont treat it, because its not required.

Voice of Reason Mar 17, 2022 08:32 AM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Cruise ships also know most people are at least somewhat environmentally conscious to do have sewage treatment systems on board and do not dump raw sewage overboard:

Sail380 Mar 17, 2022 09:37 AM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

SUN. The energy wave makes it to shore. The water is more ore less stationary and only rises and falls as the wave passes.

a-1647554992 Mar 17, 2022 03:09 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Outside of 12 miles from shore; the captains sign agreements to that effect. ChannelKeeper inspects.
Where were all you complainers last week when it was at the city council (and there was an edhat listing of the council agenda) or, before that, at the Harbor Commission? ...You might well have made a difference speaking then!

chico berkeley Mar 16, 2022 03:27 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

I believe it is 3 miles of state waters and another 14 to international waters.
It's interesting with Islands so close.
26 miles or so to Santa Cruz island really doesn't match that region.
Someone here probably knows how far outside the Islands it is to intn'l waters.

a-1647475637 Mar 16, 2022 05:07 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Whoever makes this decision at the city get the hint we don’t need this boat crowd - all those little places that change weekly on state street we’re not paying your city salary to bring a little revenue in for one day along with the sewage To support those businesses the change with the wind Santa Barbara is unique because of the people th ast live here not the out of town business owners and boat tourists-Listen to the people and go outside your door and look at all the toursists that are already here

Ahchooo Mar 16, 2022 06:40 PM
Cruise Ship Lands in Santa Barbara

Write to the city council members. They just voted to allow the cruise ships, all but one of them. Not sure they read Edhat, so write to them directly.


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