Cox Telephone Changes Long-Distance Carrier

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By an edhat reader

I am curious how many other people may be affected as I am by the ruling announced by Cox at the end of last year that subscribers to Cox local telephone service will no longer be allowed to subscribe to the long-distance carrier of their choice as of April 15.

I use Credo for national and international calling because I appreciate their low cost and their philanthropic goals. I filed a complaint with both Cox and the FCC and was told that, whereas formerly consumers had Equal Access Carrier Choice, we no longer do and so Cox is entitled to end our freedom to choose an alternative carrier. They blame it on the need to upgrade their phone system "so you can benefit from the latest technology".

Amongst other things they mention "blocking annoying robocalls"; however, this has not happened yet. I learned from Cox today that they have not installed the blocking system everywhere yet and cannot predict how soon that will be. Meanwhile, are there other Credo customers out there who are also very annoyed by this change?

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yacht rocked Mar 13, 2019 08:01 PM
Cox Telephone Changes Long-Distance Carrier

You can port your Cox VoIP phone number to a T-Mobile SIM card (that goes in your cellphone) for around $13 (tax included), and then buy an Obihai OBi200 for $50 and port your phone number from T-Mobile (assuming you want to keep it) for $20 to Google Voice. At that point, your phone service is free for calls to US and Canada, and $0.01/minute for International calls. Features include voicemail, call forwarding, voice to email text, etc. Get the high school kid next door to help you if this doesn't make sense, and there's lots of documentation on the Internet. Drop your Cox voice service - it's way overpriced.

jak Mar 14, 2019 08:54 AM
Cox Telephone Changes Long-Distance Carrier

Rex, Cox will say “no” but that’s because they won’t be increasing their prices on an already overpriced product. Going forward you won’t be able to shop for and buy the service that suits your needs best without using a VoIP box like an Obi. When we lived in North Carolina their were no landlines allowed in new neighborhoods like ours so we had to take the plunge. Our Google Voice service through the Obi box worked great and still does even in an extreme rural area (we live Near a cellphone tower so we can tap into their backhaul connection for $70/month for the equivalent of DSL). VoIP is the wave of the future for non-mobile connections.

RHS Mar 14, 2019 10:34 AM
Cox Telephone Changes Long-Distance Carrier

As noted, Cox increased their fees last month for absolutely no reason. It was an increase on the "service charge" for things like sports channels. So it is a service charge service charge I guess. In any decently run state this sort of flimflammery would be immediately quashed but we live in the free enterprise (read corrupt coalition of business and their government). Nothing to do but move along.

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