Covid19 Pet Emergency Foster Service

Covid19 Pet Emergency Foster Service title=
Covid19 Pet Emergency Foster Service
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Source: Spark Rescue

Please like our new page and sign up if you would like to foster.

During these trying times, we all need some happiness and, to that end, Spark Rescue will, of course, continue to offer adoptions to our community. But we are anticipating darker times ahead as well.

If other countries are any indication, we anticipate a need in the community for temporary foster services for those of you who can't care for their animals while they are sick or possibly in the hospital. To that end, we would like to begin a program that will bring together those individuals in need with those who would like to offer help on a temporary basis.

Spark Rescue currently has only two organizational volunteers, so we won't be able to administrate this program, but we are opening up a separate Facebook Page where you can connect with each other.

We encourage those of you who have the time, space, and heart to commit to this service for 1-2 months (until the emergency is over) to start posting on that page so that when the wave hits, there are fosters available. Many of us are home right now, so this should be a good time!

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Roger Mar 30, 2020 05:38 AM
Covid19 Pet Emergency Foster Service

This is my biggest worry that I will get sick and my Fur baby and Fish Head will have no where to go, Thanks for being here...

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