COVID Safe Childcare?

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By an edhat reader

I now have to go back into the office and will need childcare for my young kids who are not yet in school. Do edhatters have a recommendation of a childcare facility that follows all COVID-19 safety protocols, is licensed, and is reputable?

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CanyonKid Sep 08, 2021 02:33 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Any state-licensed facility. Kids have the safest natural defenses to Covid, don't over think it.

Voice of Reason Sep 08, 2021 02:54 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Assuming no grave underlying conditions it is more dangerous for your child to drive to daycare than covid poses to them at childcare. That is a fact and is supported by data from among many other places.

GeneralTree Sep 08, 2021 03:41 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Right ... kids don't get Covid argument...
Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock had 23 patients under 18 admitted to its system last week. Ten were in the ICU and five were on ventilators.
St. Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri saw 13 kids come to the ER for Covid in the last week of July, and then it saw 20 who needed beds in the first week of August.
At Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Covid positivity rates have risen from around 3 percent to above 10 percent among kids. The number of hospitalized children was in the single digits several weeks ago but rose to more than 30 last week.
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said Friday that there are 13 children hospitalized with Covid at Children's Hospital New Orleans, including six under the age of 2. Four children are in the ICU, including a 3-month-old boy, a 23-month-old girl, an 8-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy.

Voice of Reason Sep 09, 2021 08:51 AM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Myself nor anyone else here made the "kids don't get Covid argument" GT and I'm not sure what tallying up the number of kids in hospital for covid proves, if you could tally up the number of kids in the hospital due to car accidents it would be significantly more than are in the hospital for covid. This all goes back to how so many, too many, don't understand risks, both from covid and the many other risks we face that no ones gives a second thought about yet are more likely to kill or hospitalize us than covid.

Voice of Reason Sep 09, 2021 09:36 AM
COVID Safe Childcare?

FACT: more children were SHOT in Chicago this year alone than have died from covid in the entire US throughout the pandemic.

SantaBarbaraObserver Sep 09, 2021 09:52 AM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Wait. You care about the lives of poor brown people in one of our major cities? That's new. Next thing you know you're going to cite the studies and figures that prove that increased access to birth control, woman's healthcare and sex education reduces more abortions than the likes of the anti-abortion laws recently passed by the state of Texasistan. I for one am glad to read you're for increased gun control and abortion access. At least you're not a complete hypocrite...

sacjon Sep 09, 2021 10:58 AM
COVID Safe Childcare?

CANYONKID - You are wrong and spreading dangerous lies.

PitMix Sep 09, 2021 03:08 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Summing up the arguments here, since we lose more kids each year to car accidents than to this variant of Covid, we should just accept any incidental losses of kids due to Covid as a rounding error, pat the grieving families on their backs, and get back to celebrating at the sports bars.

Sure glad I don't have any kids under that age of 12 that are being put at risk by the anti-vax crowd in our nation.

Transparent Sep 08, 2021 02:53 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Yep, look for a place that is friendly, well-run, and attentive to the kids. Ask to do an extended "shadow" to feel out whether they really are giving kids the right balance of freedom with supervision (no Lord of the Flies stuff happening, which is super-common in some preschools when underpaid staff sit on their phones and ignore groups of kids for hours at a time).

Any place that does that will also be taking reasonable Covid precautions... biggest of which is sending sick kids home more than before. Don't be too scared of Covid... making good friends and practicing basic social skills is one of the most important learning experiences your kid will ever have... take the Covid risk (which is minimal for kids) in its proper balance.

Always_Running Sep 08, 2021 02:59 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Search: Santa Barbara Family Child Care Association. They are all licensed. Otherwise Tons of daycare don’t follow Covid protocols in sanitizing.
Our former pre-school didn’t enforce masks for parents picking up/drop off.

letmego Sep 09, 2021 09:31 AM
COVID Safe Childcare?

I second this. The family childcares on this list/ page are licensed and follow all recommended protocols, and have been doing so since the beginning of COVID.

kids Sep 08, 2021 08:55 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Most Covid safe child care centers won't allow parents in to "shadow" or observe. Unfortunate, but how it goes.

Chip of SB Sep 09, 2021 10:13 AM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Here is a great article I saw recently that helps put the risk is of covid in context. When it comes to childcare, and all aspects of our lives, it is important to weigh the costs and benefits of any steps we take to attempt to reduce the harm caused by covid.

shorebird Sep 09, 2021 03:14 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Kids “shot in Chicago” is industrial strength whataboutism.

Voice of Reason Sep 09, 2021 03:52 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Correct shorebird, whataboutism, if that's what you want to call it, is perfectly acceptable when used to compare different things to each other, in this case the relative risks driving, guns, and covid pose to children with car accidents and guns sending signfincitaly more children to the hospital than covid. I'm all for parents doing everything they feel necessary to protect their children, but if they applied that same risk aversion they take with covid, to other risks that are actually more likely to send their child to the hospital, you'd see most children riding in cars with helmets on. By requiring all kids to wear helmets in cars, and life jackets around any body of water, we would literally save more kids lives than we'd ever hope to save with every covid protocol, vaccine, and treatment combined.

pstarSR Sep 09, 2021 04:18 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

but we should just let kids die, because it is "just one of those things"

dude, stop. your point is really not what you think it is.

Voice of Reason Sep 09, 2021 04:34 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

PSTAR where the heck did you get that from? you guys can't seem to address the valid points I bring up and resort to ad hominem attacks and extremism. Just let kids die... SHEESHH!

sacjon Sep 09, 2021 05:12 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

VOICE - here we go again....

"other risks that are actually more likely to send their child to the hospital, you'd see most children riding in cars with helmets on. By requiring all kids to wear helmets in cars, and life jackets around any body of water, we would literally save more kids lives than we'd ever hope to save with every covid protocol, vaccine, and treatment combined."

I've already dismantled this argument. Car crashes and drowning are not CONTAGIOUS. Your examples are not logically tied to your argument. No one wears a life jacket to avoid spreading diseases to others. It's not all about the person wearing the mask, it's also about those around that person, or kid.

a-1631233266 Sep 09, 2021 05:21 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

VOR has no valid points. Just repeated whataboutism.
Predictably wrong on almost any subject he references.

SBgal74 Sep 09, 2021 05:19 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

It’s completely understandable to be concerned about COVID in children with the newer data regarding the Delta variant. More kids are getting sicker and requiring medical intervention with Delta vs the previous Alpha variant. So, anyone who dismisses your concern is a callous jerk. With that being said, I’d want to make sure the daycare provider and all employees are fully vaccinated, wear masks while indoors and screen kids every morning for any sign of illness. These are reasonable questions to ask when choosing a place to care for your child. Perhaps you can ask this question on Nextdoor for some good referrals from locals on daycares that are following these protocols. I think there are many more people on Nextdoor who would respond in the spirit of trying to be helpful rather than crapping on your concerns and inserting their slanted opinions anonymously. Wishing you so much luck on this!

Voice of Reason Sep 10, 2021 04:04 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

None of you are following the science or experts on this, just sensational and anecdotal news clips and parroting social media posts. Pointing out the extremely low risk covid poses to kids yet extreme efforts we mandate to protect them, and the much higher risk things like drowning and car accidents (yet not mandates for life jackets and helmets, aren't they as easy as masks? they work a lot better too) does not mean that children dying of covid doesn't matter. If you think that's callous or insensitive then you need to wake up! You're doing more harm to children than covid does. None of the people hating on my comments here even address the very true facts I posted, as if continuing to ignore them will make them change. At least Europe is starting to come to their senses:

The overall risk of children becoming severely ill or dying from Covid is extremely low, a new analysis of Covid infection data confirms. Although this data covers up to February 2021, this hasn't changed recently with the Delta variant. We hope this data will be reassuring for children and young people and their families.

Dr Joanne McClean from the PHA said Covid-19 was now posing a greater risk to children's education than to their health. "Covid is a mild illness for the vast majority of children," she told the BBC's Good Morning Ulster programme. Children are not, by and large, being harmed by Covid. Children are being harmed by missing school."

Some day in the future, when the fear has worn off, many you will finally look back on these past 18 months and say "Why the heck did we put our children through that?!".

a-1631315570 Sep 10, 2021 04:12 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Or, much more likely, "Why did we gamble our childrens' health by failing to protect them?"

Voice of Reason Sep 10, 2021 04:17 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

This past weekend I saw a young girl on the beach playing in the surf, with a mask on. A mask on in the water! That is not rational behavior! It is actually making her less safe! This is the type of response that irrational fear produces and does more harm to our kids than covd. This madness needs to stop!

a-1631316079 Sep 10, 2021 04:21 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Yes, 4:17. You need to chill out and stop trying to control people.

Voice of Reason Sep 10, 2021 04:25 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

@ 4:21, I'd give you a dozen thumbs up if I could! Yes, people should stop trying to control others!

a-1631316638 Sep 10, 2021 04:30 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Especially when it doesn't threaten the safety of the public, as in the case of the beachgoer. But, if it threatens the health of others, bad behavior needs to be controlled. Remember - actions have consequences.

Voice of Reason Sep 10, 2021 04:45 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

I think you missed my point on that one @4:30, the irrational fear of the parent had them thinking that making their kid wear a cloth mask over their face, in the ocean, was a safe idea, safer than no mask when the complete opposite was true. If their risk tolerance was that low, which it's totally the parents choice, a rational risk assessment would have had the child in a life jacket, which she wasn't. The bad behavior in this case was the parents actions threatening the health of their child.

a-1631317830 Sep 10, 2021 04:50 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

4:45 - What nonsense, as anyone with a whit of common sense would tell you.

Voice of Reason Sep 10, 2021 05:00 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

A cloth mask on a child, in the ocean... and I'm the one without a whit of common sense?! These are upside down times were in.

a-1631320326 Sep 10, 2021 05:32 PM
COVID Safe Childcare?

Yes, you often mirror the upside down, alternate reality universe. But it's good to hear that some children are sensible and responsible, even if you don't approve.

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