COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population title=
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population
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By edhat staff

Santa Barbara County Public Health officials stated a small uptick in COVID-19 cases is taking place among college students in their 20s.

During Friday afternoon's press conference, Public Health Director Dr. Van Do-Reynoso stated the county's COVID-19 case rate has significantly declined since January, however, in the past week the case numbers have not increased and the adjusted case rate has increased.

If the data continues on this trajectory, the county will not be eligible to advance into the less-restrictive orange tier.

Dr. Do-Reynoso confirmed the small uptick in cases may be the result of reopening activities as the department's data team is seeing the pandemic shift to younger unvaccinated people who may be expanding social activities. 

In the past week, there was a higher than average increase in COVID-19 infections for people in their 20's as well as college students and those who work in office environments.

Public Health Officer Dr. Henning Ansorg stated he's concerned because the continuous decline has now stalled. He explained there are more variants of the virus in the county which means the virus is spreading faster. "The more people that are vaccinated, the less the virus will spread," he said.

For vaccinations, the county has currently received 194,360 doses and 82.9% of those have been administered with the rest committed to upcoming appointments.

At the recent community vaccination clinic in Lompoc, there were 9,450 vaccines administered. Appointments are now available for the upcoming clinic in Santa Maria from April 5-11. The community clinic in Santa Barbara will start on April 12 and appointments can be made beginning April 8. All appointments can be made at

For those who have already been vaccinated, Dr. Do-Reynoso says it's "very very important" to hang on to your vaccination card as there may be activities nationally and statewide that only vaccinated people can participate in. If you lost your card, it's best to seek a replacement from the place where you were vaccinated. 

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Artemisia Apr 05, 2021 02:44 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

Do-Reynoso advises seeking a replacement for a lost card at the place where you were vaccinated. I received both shots of the Pfizer vaccine at the very well organized Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital drive-up clinic. Unfortunately my vaccination Report Card was damaged afterward and may not be acceptable as valid proof of vaccination. At Do-Reynoso's advice, I contacted the GVCH vaccine clinic personnel to request a replacement card. They conferred among themselves and eventually said they are not able to do that, but to contact the hospital Medical Records department. There I was told I could just look up my immunization on MyChart-- but that does not fill the role of providing documented proof of vaccination to a third party. Can anyone advise me how to replace my vaccination card?

letmego Apr 05, 2021 09:56 AM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

Are we surprised by this, at all? I mean, we started opening things up. So, people are going out. If you look at the contact tracing numbers - you'll definitely see the trend towards more "community spread" and less "close contact" - which drove the last spike.

So, younger people are gathering. They are less likely to be vaccinated because most of them are not eligible. I guess, at this point - they are helping hit herd immunity? The risk, of course, is that they infect others, who infect others, who infect older people, who then die. I don't know what to do about that.

If you look at Los Angeles - their numbers are far lower than ours now. Then again, they had HUGE spikes and a large percentage of LA has already had COVID.

Can we let them party together but also quarantine them? You know, make sure they get takeout and grocery delivery, and don't go to work...don't go visit grandma? I wonder...

SBLetsGetAlong Apr 03, 2021 03:42 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

Are more young people dying of just testing positive?
Lord forbid someone gets a cough or a sneeze.
The plan was to protect the high risk and obtain herd immunity.
All that went out the window a long time ago and here we have big pharma pushing their profit making drugs and testing and keeping us all locked down.
I’m starting to understand how cattle feel about being branded and taken to market.
Because that’s what we Americans are, cattle, profit to them.

Voice of Reason Apr 05, 2021 12:43 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

I don't get your downvotes CFM, not sure why people think Big Pharma actually cares about people's health, because they don't, just profits. Also not sure why they think the politicians they continually vote for, who election after election take gobs of money from Big Pharma, actually care about peoples health either. Does no one see the conflict of interest?

ChemicalSuperFreak Apr 03, 2021 04:40 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

Just wait until there are biannual or quarterly vaccines to cover all the variants. You'll spend the rest of your life standing in line at CVS for yet another shot, and big pharma loves that $$$!

shorebird Apr 03, 2021 10:11 AM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

It has not been established how long the immunizations will last. The immunization cards have room for several more entries. It will be a good place to keep track of your ongoing immunity.
It would be nice if the people spouting HIPAA violations had actually read them, instead of expanding them to excruciatingly inaccurate lengths.

sacjon Apr 05, 2021 02:18 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

VOR - not going into voter ID as a topic, as it is not relevant here, other that it is not the same as asking for proof of vaccination. The ability to physically move between states is a protected right, even though it's not really considered one of the "fundamental" ones (eg, voting, freedom of speech, etc). HOWEVER, that's not what we're talking about. I'm talking about airlines refusing to allow passengers on without proof of vaccines. Not sure the laws on that and I'm sure it will be challenged, but any rights to travel (especially recreational) are no where near the importance of our rights to vote.

Voice of Reason Apr 05, 2021 02:06 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

Sac, I don't buy requiring an ID inhibits voting. If those that thought it did put 10% of the effort they do fighting voter ID into actually getting ID's for people that don't have one, everyone who should have an ID will have an ID and this would be a non-issue. If India, with it's billion people and significantly more rural/poverty issues than the US can manage a voter ID program, so can we. But there needs to be a will and right now that will is focused more on fanning the flames of division rather than bringing us together. Also, you're incorrect in that things like free travel between the states are a fundamental right.

dukemunson Apr 05, 2021 01:12 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

Sac - True...but that being said, every adult SHOULD have some form of ID. It's crazy how this gets perverted by both sides towards political gain. We should make it exponentially easier to get an ID, as having the ability to prove who you are is a fundamental tenet of being in (and benefiting from) a society. You should have to show ID to vote...but it should be a very easy and streamlined process to get an ID.

sacjon Apr 05, 2021 11:22 AM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

CSF -vaccination passports and IDs for voting are 2 different things, apples to oranges really. Requiring ID for voting inhibits many from voting, a fundamental right, for which there is no alternative. Asking for proof of vaccination before allowing you on a plane or into a concert or something is for the public health, unlike voter ID, and travel and entertainment are NOT fundamental rights.

ChemicalSuperFreak Apr 02, 2021 08:38 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

Possibly because being compelled to disclose any aspect of your health status, tests, results, etc. to someone other than your health care provider violates your right to privacy. Some exceptions are understandable, such as vaccines records for schools, but those are given to the health center and kept private in your file. Holding up a card in public, for all to see, removes this privacy.

You might say, well who cares, it's just a vaccine for the good of the public. Sure, but then I guess you don't mind the government listening in to your phone calls or reading your emails, since you're not a terrorist, right? It's for the public good. I think it's a slippery slope to start requiring the public carry and present such documentation. It's also hypocritical, since many of those who want these vaccination passports are the same people who object to someone presenting and ID when it comes to voting.

ChemicalSuperFreak Apr 02, 2021 07:55 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

"Dr. Do-Reynoso says it's "very very important" to hang on to your vaccination card as there may be acitivies [sic] nationally and statewide that only vaccinated people can participate in."

A possible violation of the HIPPA Privacy Rule. There's going to be some serious litigation over this.

MarcelK Apr 03, 2021 04:53 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

"was rightly called out for it"

You were also rightly called out for making a lot of false claims about it.

"Why did you add the "(sic)" to yours?"

Because "sic" means "intentionally so written".

MountainMan4865 Apr 03, 2021 04:47 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

They are already doing a trial run of the vaccine passport in Israel. Much like China's social credit system.... coming to a country near you.
Outcry from Israel -

MarcelK Apr 03, 2021 02:10 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

Do-Reynoso's comment is not "wishful thinking", it is fact--there are activities right now that require a demonstration of vaccination. These are being imposed by private corporations (free enterprise), not governments--that interpretation is just a kneejerk misreading. And Do-Reynoso is not advocating for this (as "wishful thinking" implies), he is simply informing people that it would be wise to hold onto their cards and why.

And no one is being "compelled" to disclose anything; you are free to not use a company's services. No one is "requiring the public to carry and present such documentation"--that's one of your many and frequent strawmen. Likewise with the nonsensical charge of hypocrisy ... "many of those who want these vaccination passports are the same people who object to someone presenting and ID when it comes to voting" is simply a fabrication.

MarcelK Apr 03, 2021 01:55 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

It's not possibly a violation of HIPAA (sic) since it's a disclosure of one's own medical information, and any litigation would be frivolous.

ChemicalSuperFreak Apr 03, 2021 01:07 AM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

Doulie, great idea if it's just a piece of paper, but if they follow China (as some on MSNBC have recommended) then they'll be using a digital database. Still, I think Do-Reynoso's comment is just wishful thinking for now, as the vaccines are currently unapproved and not mandatory. Whether passports violate healthcare privacy or the Equal Protection Clause will be an interesting debate. Either way, given the direction some people want to take this country I wouldn't be surprised if they'll have special sections and fountains for the unvaccinated, and maybe a nice little tattoo or sew-on patch as well.

doulie Apr 02, 2021 10:02 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

Time for an entrepreneur to to start the presses and crank out some counterfeit vaccination cards. Might earn a few dollars from people that don't want the vaccine but want to participate in state or national activities. Stock in counterfeit "green cards" previously selling for $200-$300 each has taken a hit this year with the now stupidly open to anyone and everyone.

edney Apr 02, 2021 09:20 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

No offense meant, but the world has changed a lot since yellow fever cards were implemented. That said, its very common to have to get all kinds of shots and their documentation to enter a third world country and to then return to the the US from that country.

Seabird Apr 02, 2021 09:11 PM
COVID-19 Cases Increase in Younger Population

@Chem, HIPAA applies to the transmission of protected health information between covered entities. There is nothing about a "vaccine passport" which violates that (which you would know, if you took the time to learn about it). That said, I LOATHE the idea of this "vaccine passport" bullcrap and do not support it at all.

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