County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form title=
Christy Lozano (left) and Dr. Susan Salcido (right) [courtesy photos]
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By edhat staff

The League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara announced their hosted County Superintendent forum has been cancelled the day before it was scheduled to take place due to a candidate refusing to sign their release form.

On Wednesday afternoon, the League of Women Voters released a press statement explaining that candidate Christy Lozano would not agree to sign the required Release Form, which spells out the protocols to "ensure a fair and civil discussion." The forum for the office of the Santa Barbara County Superintendent of Schools was to include a conversation with incumbent Susan Salcido and Lozano.

"Unless both candidates agree to these terms, the League cannot hold the forum, according to the League’s policies. The Forum was to have been held on Thursday, May 12 at 6 pm on Zoom," the League stated.

According to the League, Lozano was told, “Our policies and procedures for our Candidate Forum, such as not providing the questions to be asked of each candidate in advance, and not allowing candidates to use excerpts of the recording of the Forum rather than using it in its entirety, are in accordance with national and state League of Women Voters policies and procedures.  Please be assured that all candidates who participate in our Forums are required to abide by the same policies and procedures.”

Susan Salcido, incumbent Superintendent of Schools and Lozano’s opponent, did sign the Release Forum and agreed to the League’s Forum rules.

In an updated report by journalist Jerry Roberts of Newsmakers, Lozano apparently is blaming the League for the cancellation. 

"I did not drop out of," she said to Newsmakers. "I was surprised that the (League) cancelled the event and was unwilling to address my concerns with any sort of healthy discussion."

According to Newsmakers, Lozano stated she was not provided with a copy of the release form "until after they publicized the event." She said she strongly objects to the League's prohibition on direct criticism and confrontations between the candidates, a long-standing rule for League events.

"They were requiring restrictions on my ability to fully explain the problems in our county board of education, and my solutions," Lozano stated to Newsmakers.

In a separate statement to edhat, Lozano said is disappointed by the cancellation of the event. “I believe that the voters of Santa Barbara deserve a free, fair and open discussion on all critical issues involving our county schools.  After 40 years without a choice of Superintendents of Schools, the voters deserve a fair and substantive debate, not just “happy talk” and artificial limitations regarding valid concerns and important issues. I hope another well-intentioned organization will fill the void created by the LWV’s unilateral cancellation and offer to host a fair, open and substantive debate or forum on the critical issues in our county education system,” said Lozano.

The League of Women Voters asserts their forum is not a debate to challenge an opponent's qualifications or experience, but rather a platform for each candidate to discuss their own qualifications and experience related to the position. (An updated statement from the League has been published here.)

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[Ed Note: This article has been edited to include an update from Lozano by Jerry Roberts of Newsmakers, to change the word "debate" to "forum," and a statement from Lozano to edhat.]

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Lorax May 12, 2022 06:57 AM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

Yacht Rocked, I have to agree to disagree with your comment, Please, your understanding is yours, I will not "reset my understanding to yours or accept slop or bias. Unfortunately this staff article that referenced a biased " press release" puts a quesionable shadow over both LWV's and Ed Hat . Well I guess all press is good press. Sadley however eveyone partucularly both candidates for County Board of Education lost out on the opportunity for a good Zoom forum this evening

a-1652372453 May 12, 2022 09:20 AM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

Incorrect @9:00am, EdHat added their own commentary "Christy Lozano has BACKED out of their hosted County Superintendent DEBATE" which is their biased spin on what the League stated, that they could hold the FORUM because Lozano didn't sign the release form. Regardless of your feelings about either candidate, the failure for people to recognize the "spin" and "opinion" added beyond what actually occurred or was actually said, (i.e. drink bleach) results in an inaccurate view of realty and negatively impacts decision making.

Transparent May 12, 2022 07:31 AM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

Disclosure -- I no very few details of what's going on here. But I can guarantee you that there is 0% chance that Lazano would agree with the assertion that this fell apart because she refused to a "fair and civil discussion." The article doesn't even assert that... it just implies by context, has weasel words all over it... After reading it, I have learned nothing about what actually happened here.

I love you EdHat, so I must say that it's hard not to read this as anything other than quite severe political bias. For a tone this accusatory, with ballots on kitchen tables, you are irresponsible to not do some actual reporting and present an agreed upon set of facts. Anything else is part of our very serious problem with facts and media, no matter which side of the aisle you tend to support.

FondofSB May 12, 2022 10:24 AM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

@ Baby :
You just made an ignorant fool of yourself !
During the 2016 campaign it is your (no doubt) hero CLINTON who arrange with completely lack of ethical values , Donna Brazile, to give her the questions before her PRIMARY debate with SANDERS !
Inform yourself before you write FALSEHOODS like you just did !

Mebk May 12, 2022 08:11 AM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

I personally do not like debates. They basically lie. They tell you what you want to hear they call each other names and instead of telling us what they plan to do o they focus on how bad the other is. This is both sides. Negative campaigns have no place in a country that needs to heal and move on.most of us have received or will receive enough mail for these elections to hear enough to make our decisions.

Chevy67 May 12, 2022 11:46 AM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

Agreed, but it's similar to the U.S. politics as a whole. It's a small group of annoying loud mouths that don't reflect the whole of the population. On edhat it's the same 3-4 conservative readers that repeat Hannity and Carlson talking points over and over making it seem like it's a lot of people. The majority of edhat readers don't agree but are burnt out trying to talk sense to crazy. God forbid their comments are moderated, they scream and yell to edhat about fascism and censorship and blah blah blah blah.

Lorax May 12, 2022 01:16 PM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

Coalition for Neighborhood Schools is a respected non partisan group of over 20 years in this community.
I'ts admirable that the Coalition for Neighborhood Schools has volunteered to host the forum .
It will be nice to move on and give both candidates a chance to respond to the questions that have been sumbitted and let the voters decide. CNS is waiting for an updated link to host the forum . Please rsvp or direct questons to

fitz May 12, 2022 01:54 PM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

coalition for neighborhood schools does not appear to be non partisan. Lanny Ebenstein is very partisan...just review his participation in county redistricting. This group is Santa Barbara City only. Their website has some 'loaded' wording. Only 100 parents are part of this? Hmm, Eastside? Westside? Are these families represented? I don't think so. This is a county wide race. This would probably devolve into a right wing anti-vax free for all, just like some of their appearances at SBUSD school board meetings. Keep the Trumpian culture wars out of our local schools.

GeneralTree May 12, 2022 02:24 PM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

If I go to Christy's Facebook page I see conspiracy theories and home made videos with the obvious intent of trying to be a far-right darling in hopes of maybe another Fox interview. From what I understand, Christy didn't comply with the required Covid vaccination policy for staff at Dos Pueblos and was let go. One of the interviews on her page is with Fenkner from Fair Education Santa Barbara - Yes this radical extremist group is backing her. There is righty-rhetoric about kindergartners being taught sex education as well as multiple articles about the CRT boogeyman.

Transparent May 12, 2022 03:42 PM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

Thank you EdHat for updating the story to get closer to unbiased reporting.

There's always a tricky editorial question about when/how to reprint press releases or stories that are minimally re-written/edited press releases. [For example, whose do you take? How much do you check for partial info or bias?]. Yet passing along press releases has clear public value, especially when coming from known public sources like the county, the city, or established non-profits.

In this case, the press release is/was from a known entity (the League of Women Voters) but with clear, strong bias... and released not so subtly the day after folks get mail-in ballots. Ask yourself, would you have printed a press release on your ticker if it came from a source with a political slant not your own? For example, the Fair Ed folks. I'd say "no," and you'd be right to say no!

A modest proposal might be a "Press Releases" page that doesn't show in your main ticker. Reprint the press release as-is, clearly not quite news, but well-labelled as the info (slant assumed and included) that the organization wants the public to know. But don't dilute the wonderful, independent EdHat brand by sloppy reprinting of "City Solves Problem!" every time the City (or whoever) gives you some fodder.

Again, thanks for amending the story. I actually don't like either candidate, nor their backers. But our cancers are bias and tribalism, and it's sad to see it infect even local affairs.

Lorax May 12, 2022 11:47 PM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

Cheap shot General Tree, Ms Crawford's letter in the indy was pro "democracy" nice try! here is the statment right out the letter you claim is pro Lozano?? LOL. This was the letter's focus, must have gone over your head. This was submitted by Rosanne Crawford, look it up if you need to it's all there. She stated,
"Voters will have choice, for the first time in 35 years there is a challenge to the direction of the Santa Barbara County Schools.
Now I see why no one would run against Laura Capps for second district County Supervisor, they were too afraid. Full disclosure, I'm a democrat, so don't go there! Regardless of which side of the fence you're on, this has just gone too far.
Sadly, this tampering from Sacramento created undeserved distractions for both Candidates Christy Lozano and Susan Salcido. They are both qualified, hard working and have good intentions.
True democracy is rooted in freedom and people having the choice to change things that are not working. Promoting candidates and voting protects this"

GeneralTree May 13, 2022 10:06 AM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

Nice try Lorax. Pro Democracy? Alice is proudly backing Christy's crackpot YouTube videos. Nothing went over my head - but thanks for the dismissal. I'm guessing you missed this: "In her whistleblower video, found under YouTube Christy Lozano exposed supplemental background materials that teachers used to teach in our schools. Why is it password protected?" Typical far-right extremist tactics. Think of an outcome and invent conspiracies as evidence. You didn't even quote the entire article (of course). The fact is - Christy couldn't follow the very basic rules of engagement for the forum. If she had - she could have told us about her extensive experience as a Physical Education teacher - and her time as a principal at a non-existent home school. Sorry - no Democrat I know is promoting Laura Ingraham vids.

SBLetsGetAlong May 13, 2022 04:36 PM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

I guess the first question is how many people on this thread have children in our public schools?
How many people actually know what’s going on in our schools?
Per STAR testing and EdSource over half the children cannot read & write at grade level.
I know facts bother some people and they prefer to spread social misinformation.

Such as this forum where the LWV waited till the day prior to send their agreement and in the agreement it stated that the candidates cannot name the other candidate among other things.

Guess they were trying to protect their failed representative.

Under this administration teen suicides are up over 50% per Fran Waganek the districts emotional counselor. In fact they’ve been increasing for two years, this issue has made national news over the two years as well. But hey it’s an ejection year so they are just now starting to address the emotional health of the children.

A little late to help those that killed themselves.
But hey if you only vote along party lines and don’t ask questions about what you’re voting on and you have no skin in the game welcome to America where any person no matter how misinformed can vote.

Lorax May 13, 2022 10:22 PM
County Superintendent Forum Cancelled After Lozano Refuses to Sign Release Form

The Lozano candidate is a teacher not a polititian. Looks like her faux pas was she read contract, had some questions but the 45 minute deadline they gave her caught her off guard.
A politician as we know signs everything and then does what ever they want.
I hope we can start getting more info about both candidates soon . I think people have more questions around the direction of our schools, no disputing from either side of the fence we need to do better.


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