County Seeks Feedback on Cannabis Storefront Licensing

County Seeks Feedback on Cannabis Storefront Licensing title=
County Seeks Feedback on Cannabis Storefront Licensing
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Source: County of Santa Barbara

Update on Community Feedback for Cannabis Business License (Chapter 50) Regulating Retail Storefront Licensing Application Criteria

The County of Santa Barbara hosted six virtual community meetings in July to receive feedback and answer questions about the amended Cannabis Business License (Chapter 50) regulating cannabis retail storefront licensing. 

Before the Board of Supervisors meets on August 18, County staff is seeking additional feedback via a survey with an interactive map about what might constitute community benefit and compatibility for the Neighborhood Compatibility scoresheet.  

For a review of the community meeting presentation and videos of each meeting, go to or use the links below.

The public can continue to submit feedback using the survey link above or by sending questions or comments in writing via e-mail to [email protected], or leave a voice message at (805) 568-2057.

Chapter 50 (b) limits the number of storefront retail licenses to no more than one in each of six community plan areas. In June and July, County staff received hundreds of written responses about the business application criteria (not applicants or specific sites). In a previous survey, about 350 respondents ranked a list of concerns, as shown below in the order of most to least concerning:

  1. Inappropriate Location (28%)
  2. Safety (21%)
  3. Traffic/Parking (17%)
  4. Odor (12%)
  5. Demand for one license could drive up cost of commercial rent (11%)
  6. Exterior Design (11%)
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Lucky 777 Aug 10, 2020 10:24 PM
County Seeks Feedback on Cannabis Storefront Licensing

The current Pharmacy on Mission was put in without any consideration of the traffic flow. Cars coming from 101 merge from 2 lanes to 1 right at the point that patrons of the Pharmacy are stopping to turn left across oncoming traffic to enter their parking lot. ANY regular driver of Mission knew this was going to happen, yet the City granted the permit for a high-traffic (pun intended) use of the space.

a-1597124616 Aug 10, 2020 10:43 PM
County Seeks Feedback on Cannabis Storefront Licensing

Thefts and care break ins went up in the surrounding neighborhoods shortly after The Farmacy opened. And the nearby RR track vagrant camp numbers exploded. Coincidence? The Farmacy has been a terrible intrusion to this part of town.

a-1597164948 Aug 11, 2020 09:55 AM
County Seeks Feedback on Cannabis Storefront Licensing

Read the reports on Next Door for the surrounding neighborhoods and include increasing mail box thefts too, along with thefts, car break-ins and other recent strange encounters with people wandering in these neighborhoods who are clearly impaired. Can't say these increased first hand reports are nonsense. Can't say coincidence is causation either, but the shifts in neighborhood security is palpable after Farmacy opened up. It sure was not associated with McConnells.

FigueroaSally Aug 11, 2020 08:38 AM
County Seeks Feedback on Cannabis Storefront Licensing

I took the survey. It never even asks if you want a cannabis storefront in your community at all. The county is shoving a storefront down our throats whether residents want it or not, even where the vote was against legalization of recreational use.

a-1597163439 Aug 11, 2020 09:30 AM
County Seeks Feedback on Cannabis Storefront Licensing

Useless study - another waste of tax dollars commissioning a study that forces pre-ordained outcomes that the county already decided they want anyway. Agree, no where did it allow discussion to getting rid of these neighborhood blights and crime magnets in the first place. County is so desperate for taxes, but refuses to accommodate the petroleum industry in the same manner. Apply these same survey metrics to adding more oil production and processing sites. Little neighborhood crime comes supporting new oil production sites, the way it immediately follows the proliferation of new pot shops into the heart of our communities. We can ban them entirely. That was the voter agreement.

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