County Completes Construction of Foothill Bridge in Cuyama

Aerial view of the Foothill Bridge in Cuyama (courtesy)

County staff, contractors, and community members recently celebrated the completion of the Foothill Road Bridge outside of Cuyama. This project will improve the crossing of the Cuyama River under all weather conditions for residents and commercial traffic and improve emergency access during rainy periods.

Replacement of the existing low water crossing at the Cuyama River with an all-season structure will provide uninterrupted access and improved safety year-round.

During seasonal rain events, the low water crossing historically has overtopped the roadway and created nuisance flows. At times of larger, less frequent rain events, the depth of flow at the crossing increases, which limits vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian access and periodically renders the road impassable. At these times, the road is closed and a 17-mile detour goes into effect. 

Ribbon cutting for the Foothill Bridge in Cuyama (courtesy)

Construction started in Spring of 2022 and contractor MNSEngineers, Inc. expects to finish striping the bridge by the end of November.

First District Supervisor Das Williams said, “This project is not only about the concrete value of this bridge but the symbolic value. Cuyama has more extreme weather than the rest of the County, and if Highway 166 closes due to bad weather, this bridge is one of the only other access points. This area also has a higher poverty rate than the rest of the County, and they’ve been at the mercy of two multi-national corporations over access to water. That one of the most significant bridge projects in County Public Works history was completed in Cuyama shows that we’re here for them.”

Funding for the $23.4 million project was provided by the Federal Highway Bridge Program. For this project, the County temporarily provided funds for the project as costs were incurred until reimbursement from the Federal Highway Bridge Program occurred.

Aerial view of the Foothill Bridge in Cuyama (courtesy)

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