County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

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Source: County of Santa Barbara

The Santa Maria/Santa Barbara County Continuum of Care (CoC) is applying for $2,272,896 in federal funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to support the work of local homeless service providers. 
The 2019 Santa Maria/Santa Barbara County Continuum of Care (CoC) application and priority listing will be submitted as the 2019 CoC Consolidated Application to HUD by the September 30, 2019 deadline for the 2019 national competition. The County expects to hear announcements on CoC HUD funding in spring 2020. 
The County of Santa Barbara is the lead agency for the CoC and responsible for coordinating the application process and submitting the final application to HUD on behalf of local agencies. The request includes several project types: Transitional Housing (TH), Rapid Re-Housing (RRH), Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), Coordinated Entry System (CES), and Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).
On September 12, the CoC Board approved funding recommendations from an independent review panel for this year’s grant application. The priority list detailed below can also be found on the County’s Housing and Community Development Division website under “2019 HUD Continuum of Care Local Priority Listing.”
Highlights from the 2019 CoC Collaborative application include:
  • 10 percent reduction in first-time homelessness
  • 5 percent increase in exits to permanent housing
  • Partnership with the County’s Workforce Development Board to encourage employment
  • Enhanced coordinated outreach and engagement county-wide by agencies working to end homelessness
Through the Continuum of Care, community stakeholders engage on the issues facing Santa Barbara County's individuals and families experiencing homelessness, and other at-risk populations, and become part of the solutions being offered to address those challenges. The CoC utilizes the Coordinated Entry System (CES) and Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) to track progress and provide continuity of care for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. These service-tracking systems coordinate providers, interventions and services to help persons transition from homelessness to permanent housing. Information collected helps define gaps and inform funding decisions to maximize resources for the greatest impact on reducing homelessness.

An important tool in the arsenal used by housing and service providers working to reduce homelessness in Santa Barbara County is the completion of an individualized assessment of the person experiencing homelessness to identify the most appropriate housing intervention, coordinate care across providers and assist in finding safe, affordable housing.

Statistics provided by the County’s Homeless Assistance Program show that 499 households (787 persons) transitioned out of homelessness since January 2018 when the CoC began a concerted ‘coordinated entry’ into housing programs. The County confirmed there are still more than 1,300 households in need of housing assistance. Resources seeking funding in the application will allow more persons to be assisted. 

An overview of homeless resources in Santa Barbara County can be found at  

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surfergirl69 Sep 27, 2019 05:02 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

Why aren't there more public bathrooms on State ? Wouldn't that cure...or at least help...the public urination etc complaints ? And , if you are a mental case and have the $$ to pay for a meal in a State Street restaurant so you can use the probably won't be allowed in anyway. Let's try to walk in other's shoes...people...OK ?

Roger Sep 27, 2019 08:36 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

I used to question why there are not more bathrooms in Santa Barbara also if there was they would have to be guarded 24/7 as most of them get vandalized not just with graffiti but pipes torn out things smashed. It gets expensive after awhile to replace all that stuff. That is not the only problem some people do drugs in the bathroom and OD, happened in Circle k 20 or so years ago guy found dead in the bathroom, also happened in the Sober Center before it was the Sober Center, and several other places I won't mention. The replacement of the pipes and redoing a bathroom cost about 7,000 20 years ago probably more now. Maybe those are some of the reasons why the city won't make more bathrooms available to the homeless.

Flicka Sep 26, 2019 01:48 PM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

The homeless who need help are the ones with mental issues and the veterans we should be honoring for their service, families who were one pay check away from the streets and lost in the gamble to stay housed. Can't paint all homeless with the "all are drug addicted alcoholics".

LCP112233 Sep 27, 2019 11:19 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

Hi Flicka, Yes. But the vagrants who don't accept help and move on to something better are the ones who are using drugs etc. They are the most difficult ones to try and take care of.

SantaBarbaraObserver Sep 26, 2019 11:54 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

Many of you need to ask yourselves why it bothers you so much to see people living in the cracks seeking out an existence. There is a high likelihood that the issue is actually your problem, not the 'homeless' person's. Our selfish and frankly, stupid approach to health care and education is at the core of the problem. As is the American dogma of being self reliant and able to “pull yourself up by the bootstraps…”. That idea is pure bull. Compassion is an emotion, it's fleeting. The issues are not due to a lack of compassion (there is plenty of that), its due to our societies flawed beliefs. People are confused by the idea of self reliance and most tend to greatly exaggerate and/or ignore the realities of their own lives. They are simply wrong about how much help and good luck they receive(d) in their own life and tend to scorn others without a second thought. Pair this American ideology with the for profit reality of America and you have all the makings for a “crisis” for those who slip and or fall behind...

a-1569551714 Sep 26, 2019 07:35 PM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

All these people have the chance to get off the streets if they really want to. The help is out there for those who truly want the help. If these people don't want to help themselves then no one can help them. If these people want to be vagrants then they can be, they can be so in the middle of nowhere, not in our neighborhoods.

DBD Sep 26, 2019 02:03 PM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

Just because you are down and out, you don't have the rights to litter everywhere, poop in creeks, have your penis out on state st in the middle of the day(and unfortunately yes i do have photo evidence). It does not matter how much money you have, these things are not acceptable.

420722 Sep 26, 2019 07:07 PM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

Ha! In Santa Barbara after taxes and interest that’s about two condos if you’re lucky. And by the way “sbobserver” I will ALWAYS be offended by wacked out drunken druggies begging for money knowing they have had every chance and opportunity thrown at them, especially in this city.

Coolio Sep 26, 2019 10:21 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

I'm real sick of it. Been here since 1988 when you still had the hobo jungle and problem has just got worse every year. Need to make it illegal (enforcing it) for them to panhandle and camp out. Provide a list of free social services to those capable of helping themselves. Need to have big mental/rehab institutions to commit those too mentally ill or drug/alcohol addicted to care for themselves.

LCP112233 Sep 26, 2019 12:27 PM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

Coolio. Right on. The problem is not the folks who need and accept help. The real problem is the vagrants that don't want to live by any rules, and live day to day looking for their next fix. Thereby polluting our creeks and ocean with their filth.

a-1569517286 Sep 26, 2019 10:01 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

My problem is that people here lump all types of homeless into one, evil and lazy group. They're not. Many of them are lazy kids/adults who don't want to work and just want to get high/drunk and lay around. BUT there are also a large number of homeless who would work, if given the chance, or if mentally able to. Save your outrage for the lazy drug/booze hounds. But spare a little compassion for those who do not want to be homeless, there ARE some truly troubled souls out there.

a-1569517669 Sep 26, 2019 10:07 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

I read compassion in most every post. Live and let live, but not at the expense of others. Habituate freely in designated places for tents, drug, use, or sobriety. However do not loiter, trash, sleep, sit, beg, pander on public walks and streets intended to transport folks and for everyone’s use. People who want help can get it by your or their dialing 2-1-1 for assistance. Day paid work can be made available.

Roger Sep 26, 2019 09:49 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

Some people are tired of being used I have been homeless and helped other homeless 3 of the hundreds of people I helped took in, fed, did not rip me off one ripped off a neighbor for 1,400 in recycling, one got me for 1,800 in cash I really could use that money now. Last week I let a homeless girl use my e-mail it took me 2 hours to get my account back on... The homeless girl was a friend of another friend I never would have just let anyone use it now they are both mad at me go buy your own crap and screw it up I have no money and hardly anything else...People are tired of seeing shit and piss all over State street why should they have to see this and smell it when they are downtown having dinner ? Is it a requirement they have no compassion if they don't put up with peoples bodily waste? Then there are the demanders who not only panhandle but demand money from people and if they don't give it up they block their way on sidewalks or standing in traffic...-People are tired and they have every right to be some of the panhandlers are pro's who own homes and rent in the area. There is one homeless girl out there who offered me a slice of pizza one day it was very nice of her when I see her out there and she asks for help I help her the money goes for food as she is not an addict or alcoholic when she asks for help she is genuine I know her everyone else HIT THE ROAD!

SBWoman Sep 26, 2019 10:10 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

1569517354 - yes most posts are from compassionate, thoughtful readers. We pay high taxes, spend trillions nationally “helping” homeless in the wrong way. We must stop what isn’t working.

Longing2bhome Sep 26, 2019 06:44 PM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

Exactly! With the next election we can make our voice heard. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Please carefully consider how you vote. Let's not let our home denigrate anymore or become disgusting like San Francisco. We are scary close. We live in such a beautiful place. We should not have to smell or see human waste in our streets. Or see drug addicts over dosing on the street. Not a good thing for our children to see and think it is ok.

a-1569521487 Sep 26, 2019 11:11 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

There is lots of compassion. Compassion for my friends, my family, for visitors, for businesses, for my children, and all people that work hard to better our lives and the community. I have compassion for all those willing to live in a civilized society that is driven by rules to make our lives better. It's not about a lack of compassion. We can no longer tolerate behavior that degrades our quality of life.

a-1569516455 Sep 26, 2019 09:47 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

Several faith based groups run a food program for the homeless in Lompoc. I volunteer there once in awhile, and donate frequently to the program. The transients there mostly live in the river bed, but there are some that live in cars. My first hand experience is that these folks are genuinely against any help other than cash or food, and they are nearly 100% against living in a shelter that has any constraints (dogs, shopping carts, drugs, booze). This program has been going on for decades. and it's the same people that come every night. And every volunteer says that you should never give this group cash unless you're OK with it going towards booze or drugs. So lots of empathy, but zero results. We've got to change what we do.

a-1569512320 Sep 26, 2019 08:38 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

I suspect that if citizens completely stopped giving panhandlers money, the local transients would move on their own. There are many agencies and faith organizations that feed them...they aren't starving. The money is used for booze and drugs. **Please stop giving panhandlers money**

a-1569518083 Sep 26, 2019 10:14 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

Favorite NYC Encounter: Bouncer IDs us at jazz club notes we are from SB. He comes here every year. Stays at Chase Palm Park; livesFREE Funk Zone Food from Norbert. . A DON SBHigh Alum says, “I sure hope you take off your Rolex.” We went to a different club: generosity, compassion used and abused.

PitMix Sep 26, 2019 08:36 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

Recent story that California has 1/2 of the country's homeless population but only 12% of the overall population. That means we are taking care of a lot of people that come from other states. We should be on the hook for helping our 12%, and the feds and other states should be giving us money for the rest. Don't hold your breath waiting for the red states start to take care of their responsibilities- it will not be good for your health.

a-1569512155 Sep 26, 2019 08:35 AM
County Applies for Federal Funding for Homeless Services

Take this money to develop a Homeless Village on County Property bear medical, veteran, social services, and law enforcement on Cathedral Oaks. Include inpatient long term care facility beds for chronically I’ll and those with brain dysfunction; build transitional assisted living and long term supervised living for 200-300 with socio-medical and/or VOCATIONAL training or placement needs. Then create a mega 500 pad campground like at Yosemite with assigned inexpensive pads for rent. Offer communal rest rooms, showers, mini-market, and day labor job postings with a bus stop out front. GET TO WORK COUNTY & CITY LEADERS. Stop kicking the can!


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