Cottage Provides First Vaccines to Frontline Staff

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Source: Cottage Health

Cottage Health received the first shipment of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital with 1,950 doses.

Vaccinations for Cottage Health staff will be prioritized based on patient care area. Those who provide and support daily care of patients with COVID-19 will have first opportunity to receive the vaccine.

 “Today is a historic day and a milestone for our dedicated staff and for our community,” said Ron Werft, President & CEO of Cottage Health.
Just hours after the vaccine shipment arrived, the first three frontline staff to receive the vaccine were Dr. Lynn Fitzgibbons, infectious disease specialist; Lorenzo Vasquez, RN; and Leticia Rodriguez, environmental services staff member. Vaccines for staff will continue at an accelerated pace over the coming days.

Dr. Fitzgibbons emphasized that even after being vaccinated, everyone needs to continue practicing safety measures.
“Getting the vaccine changes nothing in terms of what we need to continue doing,” Dr. Fitzgibbons said.  “We all need to keep wearing masks, physical distancing, washing hands and not gathering.  We have to continue doing all we can to fight COVID.”

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