Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

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By an edhat reader

My spouse works for Cottage Hospital. I'm sure everyone has seen the little white stickers on bumpers around town that serve as parking permits - these allow you to park in the Cottage parking lots. Cottage has for years allowed these permits to be placed on the employee's bumper, or otherwise be visible to security - many people who don't want their employer broadcast on their vehicle day to day place their sticker on their dash or rear window to accomplish this. Either way, employees swipe into an employee only lot with an RF badge - so it is a relatively secure place.

Cottage security employees have begun booting vehicles that don't have the permit permanently affixed to their vehicle, seemingly arbitrarily, with no change broadcasted to the standard operating procedure of the past. Nurses have left 12 hour shifts taking care of COVID patients to find their vehicle immobilized. If you walk through the lot, probably 10% of vehicles don't have the stickers affixed, including some really nice vehicles driven by top level administrators.

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a-1613508618 Feb 16, 2021 12:50 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

Look at it the other way too: it wastes parking attendants' time when stickers can be anywhere on the vehicle - bumper, dash, rear window. Can you imagine how frustrating that would be, day after day, to be constantly searching for those damn stickers, even though the rules state they must be placed in a certain location? I totally get the argument that you don't want your employer broadcast on your vehicle, I wouldn't either. Have you CONTACTED Cottage parking to see if alternatives exist? If none exist, perhaps you should take this up the chain and campaign for alternative, temporary placement options. There are many valid reasons for not wanting a permanent parking sticker; privacy concerns, vehicle paint damage, people with multiple cars...

bosco Feb 16, 2021 01:23 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

My spouse works for Cottage we have the sticker placed exactly where it's supposed to be. Never had a problem. Maybe people should put the sticker on the car in the correct place. Sorry, I don't see why having a small Cottage sticker on your car is an issue. There are thousands of Cottage employees. Business policies need to make sense, but they can't always make everyone happy.

Babycakes Feb 16, 2021 02:09 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

Sounds like the security folks at Cottage were just doing their job. The only "job" the employee had was to simply adhere/place the security sticker where they are clearly and specifically told to put it. It would be the same as a person with a "Disabled" placard placing it on their seat and not hanging it on their rear-view mirror because they don't want people to know that they have some sort of disability. I'm not much of a rule-follower myself, but when it comes to the placement of parking stickers, I put 'em where security personnel tell me where they supposed to go.

pstarSR Feb 16, 2021 02:27 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

I agree with most of the other posts that a rule is a "rule". but the poster did state that you cant even get into the employee parking "area" without using a badge to get in. That only employees would have anyways.

Yes I agree having the sticker in a common visible place is pretty normal. City college enforced that way back when I went there. 20yrs ago. Booting cars of nurses is a bit extreme though, could they not have just sent out a "warning" saying if this isnt adhered too then booting will happen? sounds like there could be improvements on both sides of this argument.

sbtom65 Feb 16, 2021 03:12 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

Poster seems to be saying the rules allow permits to be visible on the back window and they don't need to be actually stuck to the car - Bosco you seem to have missed the point entirely, glad your spouse has it stuck on their bumper though! Sounds like maybe the rules aren't being applied to everyone fairly. Babycakes, that's false equivalency if I've ever seen it. It's not like that at all, because the law doesn't require you to have the disabled placard on your rear view mirror at all times - only when you are actually parked in a handicapped spot! If the cottage rules allow the permits to be displayed in the window and not permanently attached (as the poster clearly stated), then security booting vehicles that have the permits displayed correctly, but not permanently affixed, would be really frustrating, no? I think that is where the 'arbitrary' line comes in, just my reading here. Bigger picture - booting a nurse taking care of covid patients? In a lot you need an RF card to enter? Even if the permit wasn't in the perfect spot, seems kinda heartless. Boo Cottage

SouthCoastPhoto Feb 16, 2021 04:11 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

Sounds like an inter-company problem, I've never had a problem parking at their lots and having the ticket validated. Hopefully this is resolved between Cottage and it's employees.

SBSand Feb 16, 2021 04:40 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

There is probably a bit more to the story than is posted. I would suggest contacting Cottage directly instead of trying to smear their name in the local news. I am sure that was frustrating for her but working for cottage and knowing security, it makes me wonder what the rest of the story is... PS - there is NO attendant or need to use a badge at the main lot at this time. Staff just can't park on the bottom level and need to go further up. And many do NOT have a sticker, however, our car info is registered with Cottage to allow for us to park there.

SBNurse805 Feb 16, 2021 06:11 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

The title is rather misleading and the author is trying to draw attention to a problem that probably doesn't exist. "Towing" or "booting"? Your article never mentions towing so why mention it in the title? To the author, your spouse is probably not telling you the whole story. I find it very hard to believe that they would boot your vehicle without proper notice. As a matter of fact, I know they just didn't boot your car for no reason and without proper notice. I work at Cottage and I have been cited several times by security. The last citation I received (which was my 3rd one), I was clearly warned that if I did not comply with the parking regulations, I would be booted and my supervisor would be notified. I was never booted or towed because I decided to comply. It was that simple. And, once I complied, I was never cited again. Stop trying to smear Cottage with your bogus accusations before knowing the facts. Shame on you.

a-1613531911 Feb 16, 2021 07:18 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

I read booted as getting the boot or getting kicked out, essentially towed. But, just because this isn't your experience it doesn't mean it isn't happening.

SBSand Feb 16, 2021 07:26 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

100% agree SBNURSE805! I have also gotten a notice on my car before for parking in the wrong area, and it hasn't happened since. More to the story for sure.

Beereader Feb 16, 2021 08:12 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

Yes, more to the story could possibly include prior warnings it can also include the fact that every employee is required to register their license plate when employed. There are multiple ways to check to see if the car should be there or not i.e. in the first place, getting in the garage by swiping your badge.

The point of the complaint isn’t necessarily to smear Cottage, it’s to bring attention to the need for change. It’s not as easy as complying. Any person who values the privacy of their employer or just simply doesn’t want to place a sticker on their car should have the option to do so or rather hang something from their rear view mirror which is easily visible from all angles.

In a time of the pandemic, the guest parking garage currently a free for all, why would they boot anyone? Why waste the time(of a tired nurse or a security guard) Have there been issues? Or is it a power play??? I vote power play.

sbtom65 Feb 16, 2021 08:47 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

So I wrote this post. To clear one thing up, I did not write the title. I never wrote the word "tow" or "towing" in my submission and I can prove that.

Another thing, I never said my spouse had their vehicle booted. My spouse did not have their vehicle booted. Have vehicles been booted? Yes. And to be clear, I am talking about the employee lot not open to the public. RF badge needed to enter, and Cottage has each vehicle's license plate registered to a particular employee. Also, I am not hating on Security staff, they are simply doing as instructed.

The whole point of my post seems clear to me from the second paragraph, but let me try again. Maybe you're on your 3rd straight 12 hour shift on a floor where your ratio is 4 or 5-1 and you forgot to hang your permit at 6:45 AM on your way into work. Maybe this has happened 3 times in your 8 years of working at the hospital. Worth being booted? If you think "yes" then you weren't the person I was writing to in the first place. My point was this - is booting a nurse's vehicle in this horribly stress filled time for our heroic nurses something Cottage should feel proud about doing?

This is why Edhat is great. This is the point of community postings like this. Now 1500 people have read this, maybe it will save the next nurse who forgot to hang their permit from the experience of being booted for an honest mistake when all they want is to get home before their kids are in bed. 

a-1613557184 Feb 17, 2021 02:19 AM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

Tom @ 8:47: But you did say "Cottage security employees have begun booting vehicles that don't have the permit permanently affixed to their vehicle, "

I have NO idea if "booting" is physical, with a wheel clamp, or metaphorical, as parking privileges were revoked.

Everyone needs to wait for more and/or clarifying information in order to make an informed comment. But guess what? That never happens on social media. Oh well. Best wishes to your spouse. I hope things are reset with the parking situation.

Babycakes Feb 17, 2021 07:51 AM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

SBTOM65: I'm sorry to hear that your car got booted/ticketed/towed (I am confused as to what actually happened to your car as the headline and subsequent descriptions/explanations are a bit me at least). Bottom line, it appears, is that the "offending" vehicle did not display the proper credentials and security did what they were supposed to do. Security has no idea if the driver is an employee who worked three 12-hour shifts and simply forgot to follow the rules or not. By the way, did you contact Security at Cottage to explain why the rules weren't followed or explain why you should not have been cited? I would have contacted them immediately to state my case.

bosco Feb 17, 2021 09:52 AM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

The issue I have with this, is why bring this up here? This is a rather trivial issue that should be handled within the company and not on a public message board. This is between Cottage and their employees, public input is not necessary or helpful. You may not intend on dragging Cottage through the mud but it sure comes across that way.

SBSand Feb 17, 2021 04:21 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

So did her car have a boot on it preventing her from driving and causing her to talk to security about why it happened? Were her citations recent? What did security say? Was it something that took her a lot of time to resolve? Where is the full story?

Absolutely mud slinging at cottage and their security staff in a public forum and not providing all of the facts. No doubt your wife is a hard working staff member and I'm sure this sucked but where is the personal responsibility for what happened? And why is it something to involve the city in? They are an amazing employer and one to be proud to work for. Especially during this pandemic, they have really stepped up. This whole post baffles me.

SBSand Feb 17, 2021 07:19 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

Sorry, I reread your post and see that you say she did NOT get a boot. So this post of yours is not because of something that happened to you, or to your wife, but to someone else entirely without the full story posted? Why bother? Is this just a post to warn others that if they don't follow the rules of THEIR employer on THEIR work premises that THEY may have an annoying consequence? I'm surprised that edhat even posted it to begin with.

SBSBSBSBSBsb Feb 16, 2021 09:31 PM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

Don't you think that telling an employee to place the sticker in a certain place if they want to park in the lot is enough of a "warning". Its not like security says oh this COVID nurse doesn't have they sticker properly displayed so im going to boot them. They probably have a problem with people parking in there that shouldn't be there.... Pretty simple

a-1613557932 Feb 17, 2021 02:32 AM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

So with a small white sticker on the car bumper this issue could be avoided? Can someone post a picture or the dimensions of a Cottage sticker? What am I missing? Having a Cottage parking sticker isn't like having a Planned Parenthood sticker! Not that we had them when I worked there, but THAT is a place you don't go around advertising you work at. The Santa Maria clinic was bombed in '92 or '93, I think it was, an I did testify against a defendant who punched our SB clinic manager.
(Salvi murdered two PP employees in Brookline MA in '94.)

SBNurse805 Feb 17, 2021 10:19 AM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

SBTOM65: Please ask your spouse how many citations he/she received prior to getting booted and wether he/she ignored them or not? I can guarantee you he/she received at least 5 before being booted. Did your spouse ever come forward with their concerns? When I was issued the 3rd citation, I came forward and they explained to me why I had received them and what I needed to do to rectify the issue. They had no idea who I was and what my position was at Cottage or wether I had worked a 12 hour shift. We don’t pay to park. The least we can do is follow the simple parking rules. Share the whole story.

Seabird Feb 17, 2021 10:34 AM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

I don't get the issue with displaying the Cottage sticker in the proper place. I was proud to have it affixed to my car when I worked there. What gives?

paglinsb Feb 17, 2021 11:49 AM
Cottage Hospital Employee Parking Issues?

I think that the issue is primarily that the sticker be PERMANENTLY affixed to the vehicle. I suspect they were having problems with non-employees using someone else's sticker to use the lot.

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