Cottage Health Uses Locally Produced Face Shields

Cottage Health Uses Locally Produced Face Shields title=
Cottage Health Uses Locally Produced Face Shields
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Source: Cottage Health

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital medical staff who are caring for COVID-19 patients are now able to use the first face shields produced in collaboration with engineers from UCSB and local companies.

A PAPR is the recommended safety device for the protection of each caregiver in the room for all aerosolizing procedures. This includes all intubations, extubations, bronchoscopies or other procedures that are invasive to the airway. 

With COVID-19, these aerosolizing procedures pose the highest risk for Cottage clinicians.  The PAPR has a fan in the helmet portion that pulls air from the room and runs it through a HEPA filter to remove more than 99 % of airborne pathogens, thus protecting the caregiver.

The design of the PAPR face shield is an intricate process as it requires a rigid plastic face shield attached to a silicone gasket under the chin to allow the shield to fit close to the head. The adhesive must hold the pieces together without perforating the protective shielding qualities of both materials.

Cottage clinicians worked with a coalition of local entities to create the face shields: Eric McFarland, MD, PhD and a Chemical Engineering professor at UCSB is a former Emergency Department physician at Cottage; Matt Silva of Ventura, Implantech and local engineer and entrepreneur, Ray Karam.

“This has been an amazing collaboration and we are very thankful to our partners for their dedication and hard work,” said Lisa Moore, Vice President of Clinical Services at Cottage Health. “The new face shields will allow our clinical teams to safely perform procedures using the industry’s best practices.”

To date, Cottage has received 188 face shields to protect medical staff, and 800 additional face shields are expected by April 20.

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Potif Apr 16, 2020 01:40 PM
Cottage Health Uses Locally Produced Face Shields

How wonderful that these people were able to create this special face guard to help further protect some of those working in high risk areas, who are helping the sick, hopefully, recover. A big ‘thank you!!!’ to you all!

SBNatural Apr 17, 2020 11:42 AM
Cottage Health Uses Locally Produced Face Shields

As an RN who worked contagious disease units, I applaud this effort by UCSB.
It would be terrific if these could be produced in sufficient quantities to supply to ICU and other personnel in direct contact with COVID patients.
This design obviates the need to wear a filtering mask, thus the important psychological connection between patient and caregiver can be enhanced by permitting facial expressions to be part of communiucation.
Crank up the production, I say, and spread it more widely.

mjackman44 Apr 17, 2020 12:39 PM
Cottage Health Uses Locally Produced Face Shields

Love new masks, no more claustrophobia, with cloth, and looks like "cool motorcycle person", although still an image from novel 1984 policeforce, and all the nonsense coming true in that work eons ago. Now we needed good tests. There are also lots of things to do with noses to prevent this and other parts to minimize risks and support these tireless workers. Glad I bought lots of Windex! I want one.

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