Cool Hand Luke’s Server Cited for Serving Alcohol to Minor

Source: Santa Maria Police Department

On Wednesday, May 02, 2018, the Santa Maria Police Department conducted an ABC “Shoulder Tap” and “Minor Decoy” operations throughout the City of Santa Maria. These programs are designed to reduce youth access to alcoholic beverages. These type of operations are conducted by local law enforcement throughout the state.

During the “Shoulder Tap” operation, a minor decoy under the direct supervision of officers, attempts to get persons from the community to purchase alcoholic beverages from the ABC licensed establishments within our city. This operation was attempted at two different locations of “off-sale establishments” in the City of Santa Maria. A total of 10 individuals were contacted and none of them purchased alcohol for the minor. This operation is considered to be a success because our community members did not purchase an alcoholic beverage for the underage decoy.

During the “Minor Decoy” operation a minor decoy, under the age of 21, attempted to purchase an alcoholic beverage, under the direct supervision of SMPD undercover officers. The decoy entered four “on-sale establishments” all restaurants. One of the establishments, Cool Hand Luke’s, served an alcoholic beverage to the minor decoy. The server was contacted and cited at the scene for serving/furnishing alcohol to a minor. The server will face criminal charges and the business will be evaluated by our local ABC office for possible administrative actions.

These type of programs are intended to reduce the availability of alcoholic beverages to minors; statistics show that teens have a greater rate of drunken driving crashes than adults.

Funding for these programs are provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety administration through an ABC Grant which was awarded to the Santa Maria Police Department for these types of operations.

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  1. I disagree, Horsegirl.
    Typically the funds for this program are specific, targeted grants to do exactly what the SMPD did. If a server is too lazy to ask for ID, I say tough. They pay the fine & possibly get fired.
    If was the owner of a business that sells alcohol I certainly woud not want the negative publicity, let alone potential financial liability, that could eventually put me out of operation due to careless or law bending employees.
    You can have them at your business, Horsegirl.

  2. Keep in mind that servers largely depend on tips and it can put them in an awkward position since some consider it offensive to be ‘carded’, especially in front of friends.
    One night I was alone tending a small bar when I group of young men came in, one of whom looked questionable, so I took him aside and quietly asked for is ID. He pulled out a KNIFE, held it up, and proudly displayed his t-shirt that read “POWs never have a nice day” saying he’d just gotten back from defending our country.
    Needless to say, I served him.
    I also set out a couple of free pitchers of beer to some other patrons sitting nearby (to keep them there).
    He and his friends drank their drinks and left without further incident and I immediately closed and locked the bar.
    I quit the next day.

  3. ‘Goose – why didn’t you call the police? Not only did he not provide his ID (he could have been under 21) but he pulled a knife on you! I hope you didn’t serve him out of admiration. He could have been full of BS. Anyone can buy a t-shirt.

  4. 1. “Specific targeted grants” does not mean the money is not taxpayer money. 2. Why wouldn’t you, the owner, have responsibility to monitor the conduct of your employees. 3. The cost of these grants is excessive to the benefit produced and are just make work and funding for the local cops to do something fun and easy. 4. Wouldn’t it be better if the money for these grants was derived totally from the taxes on liquor resale establishments?

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