Construction Begins on the Goleta's $5.8 Million Roadway Paving Project

Construction Begins on the Goleta's $5.8 Million Roadway Paving Project title=
Cathedral Oaks in Goleta
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Source: City of Goleta

Construction to improve the City’s roadway system is underway. The City will be investing nearly $6 million to pave approximately 8.6 lane miles of roadways throughout the City, including paving roadway segments on Cathedral Oaks Road, Glen Annie Road, Calle Real, Hollister Avenue, and Kellogg Avenue. The initial work includes constructing new concrete access ramps and associated sidewalks in preparation for the upcoming roadway paving. Roadway paving work is anticipated to begin in January 2022 after all the concrete and preparatory work is complete. Construction of the entire project is expected to take approximately eight months.

City of Goleta Public Works Director Charlie Ebeling said, “Public Works received highly competitive bids for construction that will cover more miles of road improvements than originally expected. We are very fortunate to have a City Council and community that supported taking advantage of such great bids. We are excited to now be able to start construction on this large paving project that will construct nearly $6 million worth of paving work on several major roadways throughout the City.”

Maintaining and strengthening the City’s infrastructure is a top priority for the City as outlined in our Strategic Plan. The City will continue to look for ongoing sources of revenue to fix potholes, repair, and maintain local streets and roads, and improve traffic flow and safety.

For more information, please read the staff report here presented at the September 21, 2021, City Council meeting.

We appreciate your patience in advance as repairs are made on several major roadways throughout the City.

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Pete Stronzo Nov 19, 2021 11:31 AM
Construction Begins on the Goleta's $5.8 Million Roadway Paving Project

This is a small step in the right direction, but there are still many other road segments in western Goleta that are in terrible shape. Actually, the County did a better job of road maintenance than the City of Goleta. Also, curious timing as winter rains can affect construction.

Prediction: Goleta's leadership will soon be asking for a sales tax increase, although the City now has record revenues (transient occupancy taxes from all the new hotels with two more on the way, property taxes from the new residential developments that are housing UCSB students, sales tax from Target, and cannabis taxes. The build out of multiple layers of highly compensated city administrators coupled with outside consultants for every project must cost a pretty penny...

benround Nov 19, 2021 01:31 PM
Construction Begins on the Goleta's $5.8 Million Roadway Paving Project

Agree with Pete, this is a good START, but a long way from what needs to be done. If you translate 8.6 lane miles into a 2 lane road that is only 4.3 miles and some of this is probably more lanes further reducing the actual coverage. We have voted in many tax hikes to pay for roads and are not getting our 'bang for the buck'. I bet a Sales Tax increase is the answer - NOT.

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